Getting ready...

Okay so this year I guess is technically the 31st Hyde Park Street Fair
but no one ever makes a cool in between-number logo do they?
I've never been to this hip-fest as many have described it
but I'm excited to be part of the festivities this year
the last two fairs I participated were completely flops
and I wasn't sure I was going to have the energy to do another
but I think this fair is going to be a better match for me
and from the looks of it a whole lot of fun
sales or no sales

PopUp Fashion Show - Hyde Park Street Fair - 2009The path of motion
PopUp Fashion Show - Hyde Park Street Fair - 2009PopUp Fashion Show - Hyde Park Street Fair - 2009
PopUp Fashion Show - Hyde Park Street Fair - 2009Hyde Park Street Fair

Here are a few images I found on flicker
I think I'm going to have one good ol' time with my outfits
I might even have to be more over the top than usual
to really stand out!

So what am I doing to get ready?
Pretty much pulling out my hair
because as usual all my creative spirit
comes along right when I don't need it!
It's not like getting ready for a show is hard enough work as it is
but somehow every time I get busy
so does my little brain
and before you know it I have 5-6 new ideas
that just MUST come together before the show
hey not that I'm complaining...
what ever gets the creative juices flowing
I'll take! Who needs sleep anyhow?

It doesn't help that we are heading out of town tomorrow
My hubby has a business conference this weekend
and I'm tagging along
I'm calling it a second honeymoon
not that my husband will be around
but we are staying at one very top notch hotel
and I get to craft all day in piece in quite
and call on room service whenever I want
Do you think they will go fetch things like hot glue sticks?

I put together this little "tool" kit of all the supplies I will need
Jimbob actually purchased this tool/fishing box for me
gosh like 5 years ago
but I have a thing about cuteness... I really should be ashamed!
But I never naturally gravitate towards utilitarian ideas
"who cares if you need an oven mitt
use the kitchen towel -
the oven mitt was burnt and ugly so I threw it out!"
Yeah I think I've done that three times now! Uggg
why am I even sharing such things?
Anyways long story short
I LOVE that tool box! Why the heck didn't I use it before?
Love you hun! hehe ^^


Pink Tree Studio said...

Wow~~that looks like a very Portlandesque show! You should do well! I hope you will take lots of pics :~)

minitoko said...

Gee ! What I see in this box pleases me a LOT ! yum !

StickyKitten said...

the room service while crafting sounds like a dream come true!

Margaret said...

What a beautiful blog you have! You are so creative and talented. I love how you wondered if room service 'will go fetch things like hot glue sticks?' hehe. If only!