My Last Show

I love doing shows
it's my little way of living out my dream of having my own
real life shop
but for whatever reason
craft shows are not the place for me to make sales
either the kids love my work and mom is like
"NO!" or mom loves it but the kids don't like the same item
or are distracted by everything else that is going on around them
thank goodness for the wonderful world of etsy!

So unless I become an overnight success story
and the mere mention of my name brings people running
to see my work in person
I think I will stay away from shows and what not.
this really is sad news because their is nothing like
witnessing someone really connect with your work
plus I think I had finally gotten a handle
on what I wanted for my display
but who knows what the future holds

I've been playing around with a bunch of new product ideas
trying to figure out how to use my original artwork
still not 100% satisfied with the necklaces
but I have some pretty dang cute kilt pins
that hopefully I'll be sharing with you all next week

I've had to be really creative when it comes to my displays
but I would have loved to have had some custom items
made by etsy shop owner

All in all I think it was a fun show to end on
while I really didn't make any cash per say
I had a lot of fun and met a lot of really nice people

And hey all is not lost
The show gave me tuns of motivation to try new things
and make lots and lots of new pretties
I've been taking pictures, editing, and listing for the last 3 days
and while its hard for me to believe
I now have over 90 items listed in my shop!

There are a few new headbands

Loads and loads of elastic headbands
sized from infant to adult

a few pretty little purses

and what I am most excited to introduce
kawaii Shoe clips!!!

I have to send out one big giant thank you
to my wonderful friend Karli
of a Retro Plants for sending me the cute little doll heads
that I am now using to display some of my work
some people might find them odd
but my kitschy loving friends will surely appreciate them
and hey when you really don't have any little girls in your life
you have to think a little outside the box.


Megan V said...

I think you have really solidified your branding and it really shows. I can only hope to someday figure it out as well as you have!!! I wish you all the success in the world Chelsea Ann!! xo

Retro Plants said...

oh my heavens!!!
i just LOVE your stuff to pieces!
me thinks the girls will be getting some kawaii shoe clips! *swoon*!

i am so very happy to see that you found a purpose for the dollies. . . i saw them and INSTANTLY thought of you dear :)
full of sunshine and smiles!

sad about the shows :(
but good thing Etsy is around, no!?!

kayellen said...

What fun!! and the glitter shoes! super cute!!! and adorable clips~~


Ky Ellen

♥ Liefgeval ♥ said...

I was reading your blog last night before going to bed, and I dreamed about you! It was so funny, you
came to Holland to work on an
interior project with me ^_^!
Oh I'm so silly :p.

minitoko said...

Believe that I f I would have been her in front of your display, You'd become rich ! This said, I'm on my way to your etsy place ;)

maybe*mej said...

oooo. but i LOVE your show. Everything is soooo cute. and you look soooo lovely. but i understand what you mean. Its a lot of work ...

Etsy is fantastic.. but i think someone will miss your show in the real life. ;)

Ewerything looks so great.

Cate said...

I definitely understand where you're coming from with craft fair frustrations. My lack of sales stems from different issues, but it's no less disheartening. I'd say just take some time to see what does best on Etsy (and try to figure out why), and then take another stab at bazaars when the economy is a bit better.

Best of luck, though. I love all your new items, and I know they'll do wonderfully when your audience wakes up and smells the amazing!

Gina said...

Hey Chelsea Ann!
Beautiful show!!!!

alicia said...

where did u buy your green dress? I really like it.