A Very Busy New Year~

I'm afraid I have been neglecting 
many of my blogger friends as of late.
I have been so busy creating magic 
for the All Dolled Up Valentine's Party
 in honor of Lollishops grand opening. 
I've been diligently crafting and working on new ideas
 for my Keepsake Cakes Shop.
& I just opened a second shop~ ittybittybirdy
A shop full of sweet vintage treasures for your little ones.

Two of my favorite items are in the new shop~

This adorable Strawberry Shortcake dress

And just in time for Valentine's this most precious baby girl dress
 in bright cherry red with white polka dots!

Also I created a new blog just for keepsake cakes~
I really wanted to start a website but someone already took the url 
even though they aren't using it... 
and also the blog url was gone too! 
So I put a dash in between the Keepsake and the Cakes.  
But still no-one will find me through a google search
 unless the google-bots find me...
So I would really love it if you would visit my new blog 
and maybe even add it to your blog role~

Also, I am still trying to find a job! Blah!
Hope to visit you ALL soon!

~Chelsea Ann


Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

Such a SWeEt blog!

creative breathing said...

Chelsea, The best success is wished for you! I am happy to post your little button, but you will have to tell me how! E

StickyKitten said...

i will defintely visit your new blog now...and i still have not gotten to michael's yet! i am so sorry! been sick & busy, but will defintely try and get there soon!

Jorgelina said...

Much work is good. Now I am going to know your new blog .

*Evelyn* said...

Beautiful ... I never did something so original ...
I've got a lot of questions, for me it is very difficult to understand I have to translate everything, so before taking part, let me understand:

I make pictures of objects on Valentine's day and also one that is on sale on my lollishop right?
Then, when the customer finds the item in my shop, I have to give?
How many photos can I do?
How many pictures of my items?

I can write this post in my blog to advertise?
Photos must be loaded into the flickr pool, day 14?

I would like to attend both....!!

*Evelyn* said...

I saw you put my blog in the links of members for all dolled up ... I hope to be able to take pictures at your ...
the link of my blog does not work I saw ....

we feel soon