& the Win Goes to...

Jake Weimer!

My little brother WON his heat and the main event last night in Anaheim, CA!
From butterflies and tears, watching Jake cross that finish line on live tv (speed)
was the most nerve wrecking and exciting experience!
We all screamed with joy!
What a way to start the year! 

Congratulations Jake!
You proved to yourself - You're a winner!

I also wanted to say Thank You to Warren Price for letting me purchase the rights to the this beautiful shot he took of Jake last year. And also for his loyal support for my little bro!
Warren is a professional photographer who is working to get a new stock image website off the ground. The site was super easy to use and I found many more hi-resolution images that would be fun to use on my blog. Check out Cutcaster to see how you can buy or license out your own images! 

Good Luck next weekend Jake -in Arizona- We will be watching!


Jin said...

Congratulations and good luck to Jake again!!!Looking forward to more good news!!
Way to go!!!

John Griffin said...

That is really cool and glad we could help you license Warrens awesome images. Always nice to see them in use. Good luck to your brother. I'm completely impressed by what he does. John

valerie said...

you must be so proud! that's a really cool and interesting talent your brother has!

Christy said...

Congrats to your brother and good luck to his next competition!

Kristen said...

That is SO cool! I was talking to a friend last night who raced professionally years ago, he had watched your brother win here in Anaheim~ Congrats to your little brother :)

Sweetina said...

Totally Beyond Awesome, Chelsea Ann! It sure takes a dedicated and very fearless person to do what your younger brother does. He must have practiced so hard to be at this level!
You must be soo proud,Sweetie.
He'll be here in Az this week?
Puleese tell me when the event will be televised so I can grab my family to cheer him on!
What number is he?
If it's a a venue close by then maybe we can drive there.

I did want to let you know that i'll be participating the All Dolled Up event you're hosting!
I'm so excited!

Hugs to you,

Sweetina said...

OOh it's early so I apologise that i didn't see that Jake is #19.
He is one brave young man!

Karin said...

i am here in Arizona and will be wishing your brother great success!

how cool!