My Little Studio Nook

After a long weekend of organizing
I'm pleased to present you all with my new Little Nook Studio

Every little square inch was accounted for...
and still there is soooo much still waiting in the basement
just hopping it will make it upstairs and not into the goodwill pile.

Everywhere you look inspiration is to be found
Little mementos of special events and friends
Treasures of all sorts all in their very own spot.

Speaking of treasures...
check out my ultimate junk drawer.
Filled to the brim with crafting notions and vintage nic naks
and oh goodness
I can't find a single thing I'm looking for!

I even have my own teeny tiny window
if only it wasn't frosted I might be able to see out.
But it lets in beautiful defused light
when the sun is to be found in Portland that is.

IKEA is so wonderful.
I purchased this large storage cabinet and the pine table for less than $200
The Cabinet was 40% off for no good reason - except that it was pre-assembled
Lucky ME! But not lucky hubby!
It was very very heavy and awkward to get up the steep narrow stairs. 
Then I used my 50% Michael's coupon to buy the doll house.
Some pink pain and a little scrap-booking paper and it was finished 
So cute!
Plus it will make a great display piece for craft shows. Double Sweet!

The only sad thing about my new studio
 is that I have no where to display my Toy collection
And so for the moment it will all have to live in the basement :(

But at-least I found room for my children's book collection!

Here's a little sneak peak of a project I'm working on
11 gingerbread houses... one for every season and holiday 

You didn't all think I would leave you wondering about my new hair cut?
No body in my life has seemed to notice!
I lost a couple of inches and now have Audrey Hupburn bangs!
And finally I got Charlie to take a picture with me. 
He wasn't very happy about it!

Hugs~ I wish you all a happy and inspiration filled week!


Chelsea Ling said...

I love it!! It's so sunny and cheery, I am so jealous! I want to come and snoop in your junk drawer.

PS: I laughed out loud when I read that you dog's name is charlie... Matt and I have this inside joke about how I name everything "charlie". We see foxes on the side of the road, I call them charlie. We called the ghost in our house charlie, I name stuffed animals charlie, I named my pug dog in my petz video game charlie... Always charlie!! lol

Kristen said...

Loving your new work space :)
I'm crazy about your color scheme~ it's like pastel heaven!

Pink Slippers said...

Can me and my little Princesses come live in there?
It's SO cute and sweet.

sassypackrat said...

Loved your "new" space! Too bad about the toys though. I also have a collection of Fisher Price toys that I can't display for lack of room. Hoping to take over my son's larger room when he moves out in the next couple of years.

The little pink dollhouse is so cute. I have several differnt kinds of dollhouses but can't put them up so I enjoyed seeing how you displayed yours. Great color combos too!

Thanks so much for sharing your creative space!

Creative Life Diary said...

Love the bangs...and your room is super cute!!

Diane said...

The Studio Space is sure looking good, and what a darling pup, I too have a charlie. Your hair cut is cute I like the bangs. Have a wonderful day.
Hugs, Diane

valerie said...

wow, everything is too beautiful! i'd be jealous if i came over on craft night! your bangs look cute too! when i cut my bangs nobody really notices either. they always seem so drastic to me. i liked your comment about the flea market. i don't get sucked into long conversations, but everyone recognizes me and sometimes i'm embarrassed for being there SO much!

Sandy Michelle said...

Your studio is so soft and sweet and I love the idea of using a doll house for a shelf. I had that apple toy as a child and have been looking everywhere for one.

Your new cut is so sweet! You look adorable!

Sandy xox

Jacqueline said...

I LOVE your new studio space!! Everything is soo lovely and pretty!! Fill with colors i love! Thanks for sharing. :)
OH im loving your new bangs!! You look soo sweet, pretty and adorable! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

Stink Bone Jones said...

So super cute as always! Darling really. What an inspiration. My craft room is a toy room too but I hope it will some day be a little girl's room.

Love Love your blog!

Britt- Sparkled Vintage Charm said...

I just adore your craft space!! cuter then words!! :-) I love pastels and anything vintage looking. It is so cool that you are from the northwest too!! I live about 40 minutes away from Portland and go there all the time!! I just love it there!! I hope you have a fabulous night!!! hugs!! Britt :-)

apparentlyjessy said...

Wow, I am jealous too! Such a pretty little creative nook! I was very excited when I saw the apple toy sitting on your it one that doesn't tip over? I had one just like it as my childhood bath time toy! Now I am feeling all nostalgic!
Loving the fringe on you, looks pretty! :)

Princess Skye said...

Your newly renovated nook looks so chic! It must be great to have a working space like that, very inspiring!

I love the bangs too <3

snowflakesoneyelashes said...

My goodness there is so much cute stuff to look at in your pictures, i wanna get in that junk drawer too!!
Love the bangs!!

creative breathing said...

Chelsea Ann, You have renooked! Are you under the eves of your house - don't even tell me - that would just be too perfect! You are radiant in your new space - love your bangs! Happiness to your week! E

Anonymous said...

OOohh my!!! I just adore your little nook! It's a little piece of heaven, I tell you! So many wonderful things to look at, and your new project looks divine! Thanks for the little peak into your sweet, candy coated world! Oh, I love your new hair cut...super cute!!! (~.~)Bekah

gkgirl said...

adorable little nook!!!
and i am so envious...
i had totally forgotten about
those little record players!!!
with the plastic records..
thanks for the flashback!!