Happy Magical Easter


Did the Easter bunny come visit you?

He visited the good boys and girls of Lollipop Lane
Leaving them all kinds of candy and sweets.

And he hid the easter eggs...

the children spent the day going to church in their new pretty outfits
hunting for eggs
and spoiling there dinners with all their Easter day treats. 

I miss the excitement of easter when I was a little girl. 
A new dress, a basket full of candy, and day spent with your family
and grandma's fresh baked rolls with homemade jam.
Oh, look at my saddle shoes. They are too cute.
I should get myself a pair.

hehe, isn't my hubby a total cute-t-pie?

Oh how I loved my candy stripped dress.
Seems more christmas than Easter 
My little sister and I always had matching dresses
I loved when they where just a little bit different in style
Made me feel special to have a big girls dress

I found this sweet Easter dress at the Goodwill Outlet store
a couple weeks ago

(and THANK YOU Elizabeth of Creative Breathing 
for the pink and yellow hangers you so kindly sent me)

Oh how I dream that it was in my size

I was so sad when I no longer received a new dress for Easter
Growing up can be very unfair that way
But the most magical and unexpected package arrived at my door step yesterday

  The most BEAUTIFUL Easter Dress 
was sent to me by an Angel I am sure
most sweetly sent me this gorgeous dress "just because"!
I am so flattered and well there is simply not words to express
my joy and gratitude!
THANK YOU Bobbie for your friendship
 and for sending me childlike joy and making this Easter unexpectedly magical!!!

I also received another sweet easter package yesterday
I've never had to go pick up a package at the post office
my curiosity for what it might be was overwhelming

Just in time for Easter
my Easter Bonnet Parade award from Scrappy Jessi
so whimsical ~ Thank YOU!

So sadly for the second year and in a row I have not colored eggs 
It's just not that fun to do it by yourself :(
When I asked hubby if he wanted to color them with me 
he laughed!
But I did make some cupcakes for this afternoons Easter dinner

I'm not really that into baking but once in a while I give it a try
Nothing to fancy, just a out of the box kind of day
but I made my own frosting with fresh strawberries
and decorated them with candy grass, malt eggs, rainbow sprinkles, and tapioca sprinkles from the Japanese import store

Well this post has taken a year to put together
so I better leave the computer and embrace the day
I only wish the rain would go away...

Make sure you stop by Paper Cakes Finds tomorrow
for my first ever contribution to Chelsea Ling's beautiful blog



Anonymous said...

Chelsea Ann~
I hope you are having a lovely Easter Sunday! What a sweet Easter post. The cupcakes look soooo good and so pretty! Such a beautiful dress to recieve, it is perfect on you! I too, miss getting a new Easter dress each year, but now I get to buy them for my sweet little one. You are building up such a wonderful wardrobe for your funture little ones! I also loved seeing you and your husband's darling childhood Easter photo's, so fun! Again, wishing you a Happy Easter!

Pieceful Bits said...

Happy Easter Chelsea!
What a sweet blog post. I agree with the coloring easter eggs by yourself..it is defintely not fun.
I made cut out sugar cookies and iced them by myself. Everyone sure enjoyed them at dinner today at my parent's home.
I too miss the matchy easter dresses. Yours are adorable. My mom sometimes made ours..we all had the same dress, but different colors. My all time favorite was a pink dress covered in a sheer dotted swiss-like daisy pattern. I should dig that photo out and upload it.
Your cupcakes look divine!

Bethany Hissong said...

Happy Easter Chelsea Ann!!! I love the old photos of you and you look absolutely gorgeous in your new dress! I didn't color eggs or decorate this year :( We were gone, so I didn't have time. Thanks for sharing all of your beautiful photos! You helped make my Easter more special!!

apparentlyjessy said...

Chelsea Ann! What a lovely Easter decorations, dresses and cupcakes you have shared with us! I really enjoyed this post, I hope you and your hubby have a wonderful, safe and happy Easter holiday. And you do look rather dainty in that pretty Easter dress!

Scrappy Jessi said...

hey sweets.
Happy Bunny day!
im glad you got your tile.
Have a fab week.

Christy said...

Happy easter Chelsea! Your easter sweetness brings so much joy!

zoe said...

Hi Chelsea!
I must tell you You such a adorable lady:*
i love your Project Dress Up!


Jacqueline said...

Chelsea, looks like you had a good easter! Im loving your easter dress...you look soo pretty! Have a lovely merry happy monday and love to you!

sweetmemorymakingmom said...

Chelsea Ann, Can I come over for a belated Easter Party!!! You look so pretty in your Easter dresses past and present. Thank you for inviting me to your flickr group. I cannot wait to take new pictures and add them! pink hugs, Ellen

Creative Life Diary said...

Chelsea Ann,
You look adorable in your Lace
Dress. What a surprise to
see that you were wearing it for
your Easter Dress Up. I am so glad you liked it. You know when you see something and you think no one else in the world will appreciate or love this
dress the way ________will! I filled in this blank with Chelsea Ann!!! Enjoy and Happy Spring to you!!!
Creative Life Diary

Britt- Sparkled Vintage Charm said...

adorable post sweets! love the dress!! how nice of her to send it!! the goodie from Jessi is sooo cute!! love her!! The cupcakes are fabulous!! hugs!!!! B :-)

Chelsea Ling said...

beautiful dress!! and I would totally color eggs with you :)