New Keepsake Cakes! Beary Exciting!

Yeah! Two new cakes!
I'm working on making a Care Bear Series!
How fun would these be for a little girls birthday?!

Share Bear Keepsake Cake

Wrapped in white cotton candy like yarn and adorn in baby blue, pinks and purples.

Love a Lot Bear Keepsake Cake

The picture is sadly misleading because this sweet cake is actually wrapped in pink cotton candy like yarn and is playfully decorated in pinks, red and yellow

These bears won't be in any shop too soon, but if your interest in purchasing one now let me know and I will list it just for you!

Fun Care Bear Activities:

Which of the Care Bears are you?

Oh too true! I do love to make people happy! 

Also check out this really lovely website dedicated entirely to those cute little bears!


valerie said...

okay, so i took this quiz and i'm wish bear. that means we're best friends! isn't that funny?

i like your new cake series. beary cute!

Anonymous said...

A lot of little girls would dream to have a Birthday Bear Cake ! They are so beautiful !

Bethany Hissong said...

I was too old for Care Bears when they came out (but I had one anyways!). I love that you've brought them back in your cakes! I'll have to do the quiz!

Bethany Hissong said...

I'm Secret Bear! hmmm. :)