Thursday, A Day Before Friday...

"Little girls are precious gifts, 
wrapped in love serene. 
Their dresses tied with sashes 
and futures tied with dreams."
-Author Unkown

I am sorry I have not done a Friday Mosaic is sometime... Something always seems to get in the way... as in this case today is not Friday but Thursday... But I knew I would have no time tomorrow so I am dropping this one by a bit early. I am sure you wont mind.
As you can see, baby girls are on my mind today. Yesterday I talked to my doctor about starting a family! 6 months down the road from now Jimmy and I think we will be ready to start ourselves a little family of our own! I am soooo excited! I have wanted to be a mother forever it seems. Jim and I always say that ideally we would like a boy first... so that the rest of the children would have a big brother... but all I can think about at the moment are little girls. Big bows, and pink, pink, pink


KayEllen said...

So glad I popped by to see your mosaic!
So adorable!!
Have a wonderful weekend:)


pinkstilettos said...

Oh my gosh- is that photo real? The one with the pregnant belly and the baby's foot. I have never seen a photo like that- it's amazing! What a neat photo! Daisy~

Ruth said...

Congratulations on deciding to start a family. If it does end up as a girl I sure she will make a great big sister, I am the big sister in our family, and I love it.

Also, I tagged you in 6 unique things about you blog game.
:) More info on my blog

Anonymous said...

congrats to you & jim on starting a new family in your near future. yay!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations :) Best wishes to you on starting a new family... with a little girl :) Have a great weekend :)

Bethany Hissong said...

That is SUPER exciting!!! :)) I secretly wanted a little girl first and that's what I got! Then I had a boy and he is so protective of his sister! It doesn't matter that he's younger (only 15 months younger!!). They are best friends and I just envy that love they have for each other. Little girls are soooo much fun and I do hope you get what you want!! Boys are wonderful too... I didn't know that until I had Nathaniel... I grew up with all sisters!!!