Inspiration - Craft Show Displays

My Aunt and I are filling our calendars with Saturday Markets,
Festivals, Fairs and the like to keep us busy this summer
the only problem is that typically I bring half my house
to make my display
and I would much rather not have to piece together
my house after each show
so I've been scouring flickr for ideas for creating the
"perfect" booth :)

Here are a few pictures of displays form last years shows

Anyone else participated in any shows this summer?
What do you do for your display?

For the display I'm working on right now I'm really trying to de-clutter
stay tuned... I've started constructing a few of the pieces
I've even created a headband stand! I'm really proud of it
it's always been impossible to find a way to display them
and really shows them off
I won't have anything to show if I don't get back to work

Hope your having a great week!
~Chelsea Ann


sassypackrat said...

Your display was so fun! I love all the great ideas you've collected to show too!

Pink Trees and Sunshine said...

I can't wait to see what you come up with! Miss you ❤

Retro Plants said...

i have never done a show. . . but my mother has done a TON!
she had some sort of display that could be folded into one sheet of plywood. . . SOOOO. . . that would be difficult to do!
good luck honey. . . i am sure yours will be neat-o! ;)

Retro Cafe' Art Gallery said...

I do tons of shows! I bought some cheap unfinished stepping stools on ebay and painted them. I use them as risers and they give me lots more space. Build up!