Adventuring we will go...

Let's go on a little field trip gals?
What do you say - are you in?

I discovered these old National Geographic tear outs
in Portland's Library clipping files
This magical wonderland
known as Bekonscot
is the oldest original model village in the world!
AND unlike Santa's Villages

Better yet let's all move to London
and work there!
The perfect back up plan incase I never get the job
of re-glittering It's a Small World for Disney

When I was a little girl I use to go to these farm shows with my dad
where they had these tiny model farms
the detail in some of them was so amazing
I wonder if people still do those?
Gosh I'm going to have to look into that
nothing sounds more fun
than spending the day playing farmer,
seeing my hubbies eyes light up with all those giant man toys
and as I recall tractor toy collectors galore
Oh yeah I know I'm weird
BUT I love myself some John Deere

Can you imagine bringing your Blythe Dolls here!?

I wonder how often things break?
With my lack of depth-perception
perhaps I should just take it all in on-line?

Now that I am home by myself most of the week
the smallest thing entertains me
like crop dusters, birds mocking my dogs,
and the mail man is my new best friend
although mostly he only brings packages for my husband
but yesterday I got one!
And what a GREAT package it was!
Do you notice anything familiar?
YUPP! Those are my graphics!!!!
So cute! Danielle Thompson designed the banner
for Amanda of Hey Yoyo!
I am crazy mad for her shop!
as I am sure most of you are too?!
I mean for pete sakes this gal has been honored by Martha!

Happy happy mail indeed!

These two pictures are by no means perfect
but I still love them
I'm thinking it's about time that I reintroduce
Project Dress Up
into my life again!
It's not easy to get out of the pjs most days
especially when you don't see a single soul all day.
lol I think the mail man and woman would be shocked to see me
without my fuzzy pj pants, and slippers

I ruined my hair yet again!
Every time it gets to my shoulders
I go ahead and do something stupid
like getting a perm!
So my little sister cut my hair!
And I love my hair again!!! YEAH!
Looks super cute now with my YoYo Headbands too!

Again LOVING actions by

Oh and FYI
Yours truly is going to become an AUNT today!
About time! Jordy is now 5 days late
Poor thing!


Ruzu said...

Looks pretty that small city ^^
I like your dress

Take care

Katrina {} said...

Just bounced to your blog and am delighted to take in all this cuteness! And I must say, you'd be the perfect candidate to re-glitter Small World. :)

Loving your digi kits too. Does that pink tv in your right sidebar happen to be a part of one of your kits? :)

Tracy Suzanne said...

Hey Sweetie. I just love the photo shots of you. You're always so adorable. When you get a chance today please stop by and visit at
I have something for you!

Hugs...Tracy :)

Jennifer Michie said...

I was getting caught up with my blog reading this week and came over to see you. I love these images! I live near Beaconsfield, where this village is located and it is still as charming today as it is in the pictures. It is an adorable place to spend a day out and there is so much to see: the boats gliding across the lake, the carnival with a brightly decorated Ferris wheel, the local sites all in miniature detail, the trains puffing down the tracks... it is charming! Thank you so much for sharing those cute vintage images!

Gina said...

Hi Chelsea Ann!
I Love the town! I think it would be even better than Disney Land...
Enjoy your week!

Cate said...

Oh, Chelsea, congratulations on becoming an aunt! Be sure to take lots of photos for those of us far away. :)

And, yeah, I'd totally be up for a field trip! I actually just read about that village in another magazine (although I can't remember which one), so it's funny that you're posting it here, too.

maybe*mej said...

you are soooo cute and kind. Thank you. Im glad you lika my actions. =)
i think you looking goooood in you new haircut.


Creative Breathing said...

Yeah dress up project! Return, return! E

TigerLily said...

Wow, those pics from the old NG magazines are sooo vintage looking, i love seeing it and I'm glad I found your blog. By the way, i hope you don't mind if i share it and put some of your pics in my blog with a link here (to your blog) of course!
But if you do mind, just let me know and I will put down the pics and links immediately.

Thanks a lot!