Pockets Full of CHANGE

The VERY LAST thing I should be doing right now is blogging!
there is so much to do before we move
YES! I said MOVE!

Jimbob got the magic call last Thursday
and we are heading out THIS saturday!
We are supper dupper excited, tired, anxious
and all that jazz... but who has time to dwell on such things
when there is endless packing, cleaning, painting and the like to be done?

We are almost 100% sure we have our sweet little home rented out
It will be really strange to know someone else is living in my home
but we have very much outgrown it... and change is fun!?
My biggest fear... which is quite silly, is that they will paint
over my (in my humble opinion) awesome sewing pattern wallpaper
and even more terrifying my nursery room stripes!
That makes me the most sad :(
But I'm not sure 3 guys will be that "into" my aesthetics?

really excited to have more STUDIO SPACE!!!!
That is a priority for me!!!!
But who knows? We haven't finalized a house to rent quite yet
I'll be sure to keep you all posted asap
until then... I'll be going half mad
trying to get things ready.

*For my friends in P town -
I love you all and I am sorry I didn't have time to call you all
and even more sorry that we wont get a chance
to say our proper goodbyes :(
but I love you all - you know who you are
and I will visit! And you can all come visit me!
haha except I haven't told you where I'm moving...
I'm keeping that a secret for now :)


p.s. I'll be closing my shop this Friday...
and i'll re-open it as soon as we have internet access and I've unpacked my shop goods.

Oh dang! I am sure going to miss this sweet little place !!!!


Pink Trees and Sunshine said...

OMG, Chelsea Ann~~I'm in shock!!!!!!

Am I losing my model???

But I know that you will be happy in your new home and I can't wait to see photos of it!

A Whimsical Girl Named Debbie said...

Moving is exciting!! You get to start fresh & decorate all over again!! Happy trails & I can't wait to see your new abode!!


Cottage Cozy said...

Farewell my little Portland friends. I can't wait to hear where you are moving to...closer to my sister, Diane perhaps?

Hugs & Total Best Wishes...


sassypackrat said...

Best wishes for a great move! I hope you get an awesome studio space!

milk and cookeez said...

Chelsea Ann, best of luck for a New Beginning and Heaps and Tons of Happiness!
I hope that this change is just the begining of a beautiful new chapter in your life.
Now get packing :)

Retro Plants said...

Happy packing dear and we are SO excited for you!
yay for things working out! ;)

you do have a CUTE place now. . . but a new place means *new* ideas and *new* things to LOVE. . . you will make it gorgeous i know!
can't wait to see where you end up :)

sanjeet said...

you will be happy in your new home and I can't wait to see photos of it!
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apparentlyjessy said...

All the best for your big move Chelsea, hope it all goes smoothly, I am sure you will enjoy having a new home to decorate and personalise!

Diane said...

Good luck with all the changes, and you are right change is good. I just know you are going to find the perfect place to live and when you do please let us know friend. Hugs & Kisses, Diane

Shiny Go Lucky said...

We are coming up on a move too and it is almost always trying at times. Still, just think of how beautiful you will make your new place!

MaryJanes and Galoshes said...

Your place looks so cute, I just found you, can't wait to see what else you have here.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your big move! Maybe it will be just what you need right now. Thanks for sharing pictures of your charming and whimsical home. I LOVE it!

Creative Breathing said...

Chelsea Ann, Your little house will always be here for you to visit. You now have Honeymoon Days. They will be so very sweet to visit in years to come. I am so happy for you both (and your long eared puppy as well). I can't wait for the New Adventures of the New Chelsea Ann! Have fun, best wishes! Elizabeth

Kim @ Everything Etsy said...

It's always exciting to try new things! :)