The Life Of A Miller Dog

If you have ever met a Basset Hound
you will know that they live for one thing only
Unlike Charlie, Miller wont leave the yard -
for one very important reason...
he knows who feeds him.
Some nights I have to wake him from bad dream
which always has me wondering
what is he so afraid of?
Well, no doubt it has something to do with his food!
When he was just a pupp he ate an entire bag of dog food
and he was literally just as big around as he was long.
Funny to recall now, but it wasn't then!

When Miller's tummy is satisfied you will most likely
find him curled up on our bed,
he has taken quite a liking to my pillow as of late
but perhaps his very favorite spot is my giant Petticoat.

Miller also loves to play.
He loves playing chase around the house, rope, and catch,
although when it comes to playing catch
he is more or less just chasing Charlie around.
Miller's favorite activity is playing with the laser pointer
he could chase that red dot for hours.
If you aren't in the mood to play
oh - that's okay
Miller will help himself to one of mom's toys!
It sure is a good thing I love him!!!!

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Brioletta's Studio said...

Who has a bigger Sweet Tooth~~you or Miller? :~)