Girls Kick Butt!

Who else -
can keep the cupboards stocked with clean dishes,
diagnose the "sick" form the SICK,
find the lost binkies of the world,
and give super duper good hugs?
What about the endless amounts of socks
that need to find matches
or the 58 cupcakes need by 12 o'clock sharp?
Women know how to get gum out of hair
and make monsters under the bed simply disappear.
We know how to beat morning hunger
and curl our hair while dusting the bathroom chandelier.
Without us - what would this world come to?

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tiffany said...

great post! love the image of the bride with her caped bridesmaids!

Rixt said...

hihi, I called myself Itty when I was younger (: looove your blog, I'm following you!