My Puppy Book

For some time now I've been working on a scrapbook project
of my beloved kiddos - a.k.a. Charlie and Miller our puppy dogs.
Miller, our Basset Hound was a gift from my husband -
I think the idea was that having another puppy
would gain my husband a year or two of my silence
in my eager quest to become a momma.
Turns out we aren't so lucky in the baby department
so it's no surprise that my dogs have "literally"
become our children.
Although I always joke that I hope I'm a better "real" momma
than I am a dog momma
because god love them - they aren't always very well behaved!

Both pupps are technically mine
but you wouldn't know it!
They are both daddy boys through and through.

I adopted Charlie while I was still in college.
He's our busy body... always chasing birds,
and tunneling out of the yard.
If a cat has 9 lives
Charlie dog has 90!

I'll be sharing more pages with you over the next few weeks

Digi Sources:
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Brioletta's Studio said...

These pages are adorable, Chelsea Ann!!!

Tara said...

Such cutie pies...I'd spoil them to death too! My Hinata is technically mine too, but she's daddy's little princess.

Megan V said...

So I have a friend named Charlie Miller. Weeeird! Hahaha :) Your doggies are lucky to have a great mama :D xoox