Big Red & Little Me

It's a blustery day here in Idaho
and I'm cleaning the house like a mad woman
getting ready for our foster care home study later this week.
So many emotions whirling around in my little head
we've been preparing for this for just about a year
but I can't help but wonder
"are we really ready?"
what a giant leap to make
to go from just the two of us
to possibly 5!
That's the way life is though...
and I'm sure we will manage this new adventure
with the same spirit and teamwork
as we always have

Speaking of adventures -
Our very own Big Red has been featured by
an amazing blog from a young couple
who have thrown out conventional ideas about settling down
in the pursuit of finding the perfect place to call home.
I can't imagine living full time on the road
but who knows maybe Tiffany and her man
are onto something?
I mean if you can survive months on end in a travel trailer
it seems to me like your marriage could survive just about anything!
Not to mention how many of us end up living somewhere
we really don't belong?
Be it family or the ol' ball in chain, aka your job
most of us never really got the opportunity
to find that place where we really belong.
I know all to well what that is like -
We ended up in Portland, Oregon
because of family and job opportunities
we purchased a home and thought we would be happy
but before long
we were just pretending...
and so when we got the chance
we made a decision
to try something new
and we are so much happier
but I can only imagine what we might have found
if we had taken a similar road as Tiffany and her husband
and tried to find our "perfect match".

Anywho - there's some food for thought :)

If you have been dying to learn more about Big Red
this post really has a lot of great information :D

In other news:
I put together a special look in celebration
of Paper*Cakes Finds 2nd Birthday
Gosh, I can't believe how time flies,
seems like just yesterday Chelsea
was sharing her idea with me about this new blog.
I'm so proud of what Chelsea has put together
its such a special blog
helping to shine a light
on so many amazing and talented people!

& perhaps exciting for some of you...
I'm offering my biggest giveaway yet!
3 winners will each receive $20 big ones
to use in my shop.
Find out all the details here.


Brioletta's Studio said...

I may very well need to live in Big Red someday~~how much is the rent? :~)

tiffany said...

thanks chelsea ann!! i can only imagine what fun pictures we will have when we get big red & eddie together!