Grandmothers Farmhouse

How can a week go by so quickly
and yet it also seems as if I have been gone a year?
I hope this post finds you all in good spirits
and in the comfort of your air-conditioned homes.
Speaking of homes
I would like to take you on a little tour of my grandmothers home

A place full of wonderful childhood memories
from playing in the ditch, picking strawberries, riding ponies

to playing dress up with gobs and gobs of plastic beads
in my grandmothers vanity drawer

My favorite room was my Aunts purple bedroom
it was the perfect place for my girly imagination

How many times I must have looked upon myself in this mirror
from playing dress up to prom dress fittings

We played with the same toys my dad and Aunt played with as children
most of them made or repaired by my grandmother

And although these toys were much loved
they still sit waiting for the great grandchildren to
bring them to life

I loved playing with my Aunts dolls
Most of the clothing was made by my Aunt when she was just a little girl

And I remember laying on my belly
and looking at grandmothers special dolls
from her own childhood

Grandmothers room was never off limits
and my cousin and I would spend hours looking at all my grandmothers beautiful jewelry
passed on from generation to generation
This trip was very special because my grandmother gave me
my very favorite piece... I will share later on

One of the things I love about my grandmothers home is that very little changes
and almost every piece has a special story
if only I could recall them....

My grandmother is quite a collector of fine things
she has worked hard her whole life
and if I am not mistaken she is responsible to the construction of the beautiful china hutch
and the entire upstairs

The home and the surrounding farmland
was originally purchased by my grandfathers family
when they moved here from Germany
After more than 30 years my grandparents split up
and the farm was sold
All that remains is the house and a few pastures

It was my grandmothers stubbornness that got her the house
and it is this same stubbornness that is so endearing to me

I just love this carpet in the dining room
my grandmother could have been an interior designer
she has such an eye for bringing a room together

Every piece is perfectly placed
it is the most enchanting farm house
and a treasure to my heart

I fear for what will happen to it when my grandmother is gone
but I am so glad I got a chance to document it this trip
as to keep so many special memories close to my heart

Well it is time for bed
I hope you all have a great week
I have so much to catch up with after my trip
but I will try to edit more photos from my trip and share them with you all soon.

Chelsea Ann


Diane said...

What a beautiful Home and such fond memories, I am sure it is a treasure to experience.
Hugs, Diane

apparentlyjessy said...

Your Grandmother has amazing style! I am in love with all the wallpaper! Its a really beautiful home, thank you for sharing your memories and photos with us, I really enjoyed reading it.
Glad to see you are back safe and well Chelsea Anne x

Rose said...

What a beautiful post. Your grandmother has a lovely house, I can see why you liked the purple room as a child.
The wallpaper and carpet are so unique.


Megan V said...

Your Grandmother has such an amazingly beautiful home!! You can tell she pays attention to the details in everything. Perfectly placed, perfectly clean and everything has a meaning and a story to tell. I too did a photo documentary of sorts of my grandmothers homes and am so glad that I did. So many childhood memories are within those walls!

One day you should ask your grandmother to tell you the stories about the different things in your home and you should record them (either write, or video or even just audio) so you can have those stories forever!

Lori said...

I admire you for being young but knowing the importance to preserve these wonderful memories. They touch our lives so deeply but sadly their time with us isn't forever! Your Grandmas home is beautiful. What wonderful childhood memories is such a charming place and if that isn't enough, vintage toys. You looked so precious. I hope you don't think I'm silly or weird but your spirit makes me happy. I feel I can be myself in my thoughts as you are so carefree with yours. I can pick up a doll and comb her hair, or fuss with any girly thing I want. I am so glad you get it! Your spirit is contagious and inspiring! I so love reading about your life nad joys. I find it wonderful to see someone who can still embrace the wonderful things in life that are simple and fun! Much love to you my new friend! Lori

Rhonda Roo said...

Well yay. I know we dont know each other but i have been sending little birdy prayers up that you were having a good trip because you mentioned having a tough time of it once before. I am swooning over that parlor! Your grandmother is one of those women i hope to be when i reach an age of certain maturity. Doesnt it make you feel good to know you are part of such a wonderful heritage?
Rhonda Roo

danielle thompson said...

and she doesn't even know how CHIC her home is! this is a wonderland! :-) how wonderful that you documented it. I'm so glad you had a nice visit.. miss you! i'm leaving for vacation.. and i know i owe you an email.. :( i'm so behind. Just wanted to say hi and i miss you! :-)

Whimsical Creations said...

What a beautiful post!! Such a lovely home. =D

ATeaLeaf said...

Hey Chels! It was nice to read up about your grandmother's farmhouse. Those mushrooms are so adorable. Do I spy some strawberries? Oh and that purple carpet is wild. I would have loved playing in that room as a young girl too. I also like the bird glassware and the damask wallpaper. Yes! We should catch up soon! Let me know when is a good time for you. :)

Jorgelina said...

Beautiful Home .
What wonderful childhood memories .
I always visit your blog, is a pleasure.
Greetings from Argentina.

valerie said...

what a sweet post! your grandmother's house is gorgeous! i did the very same thing when i visited my granny's house in fredericksburg last month. i photographed all the nooks and crannies... hopefully i'll do a post soon.

from the looks of your grandmother's home and your artiness, you got her creative genes. the furniture is so beautiful and toys so precious! thank you for sharing your dearest childhood memories!

Christy said...

Hello Chelsea!!! Your grandmother has the most charming, beautiful house! The heirloom dolls are just so precious too. Oh the memories you just have to soak in is wonderful.

I lovedthe red dress you're wearing too!

LISA said...

WOW...I am new. I see so much of my own Grandmother in all of these beautiful things your Grandmother still has.


So enjoyed looking through all of this. : )

Camera Girl said...

Ah you are so lucky! Such a beautiful house, looks like something out of a picture book <3 xo