itty bitty wall space

My home is just stuffed!
From time to time I think
"Chelsea Ann, you MUST stop buying stuff!!!!!"
but the little clutter monster inside me
just can't seem to be caged
I have a problem, I really do
but todays post really isn't about this issue of mine at all
it's really to celebrate my stuff
to put it on a little pedestal as say
"HEY, Look what I got!"

These are pictures from my kitchen
I was contemplating painting my kitchen and going with a theme
of blue, grey, white, and red roses
but then we moved this giant cabinet in
and all my random
never could find that perfect spot
found their spot
and now I quite like my rainbow anything goes kitchen

One of the issues I have had with my little 1917 or 1907 home
I shamefully can't recall which one it is
is that I am out of space for anything and everything
but I'm really really out of wall space
which has been dang blasted annoying
because I love art!

Here are a few walls in my house
(although a few have changed)
well, quite a few actually
In a year in a half each room in our home
has gone through 4 or 5 transformations

I wanted to give a shout out to Anne Cresci of Matilou
her artwork is just so amazing!
You must check out her shop
and see this video of her discussing her work and process
her artwork just makes me daydream, it's so enchanting

And one more shout out if you all don't mind...
Agnes featured little miss ME on her beautiful blog this week
and I was honored to tears!
Agnes not only has the best eye in blog land
(in my most un-expert opinion)
but she writes so eloquently
her little summery of my blog was so perfectly said
I felt she grabbed it right out of my mouth
(well that is if I had a grace with words like she does!)
And to top it off she is an amazing artist herself
and perhaps if I do well at my next craft show
and this pretty darn cute wreath is still around
I might just have to find a spot to put it!


apparentlyjessy said...

And girl, you have so much gorgeous stuff! But hey, its what we love about you! You have just the most awesome taste in things, and such an eye for design and decorating! :)

I'll head over now to check out Anne's shop.

Cori G. said...

Hello! I just have to say, the little lamp with the giant quilt pattern...when I was in the eight grade (many moons ago) I had the entire bedroom set from Sears and Roebuck, am I dating myself? Anywho, I though I was quite the creative girl and bought matching wallpaper to wallpaper my ceiling and did it in a checker board pattern with alternating squares of paint. It was quite lovely ;-O. Thank you for the fond memory.

xoxo Cori

creative breathing said...

Chelsea Ann, I was JUST thinking about you! I am so happy you rented LLT. You know I have been bugging my husband for a little pop up for the two of us to begin camping. I quote you often to him! LOL CA, Your blog writing is just enchanting! Your posts are such a delight. Your home makes me swoon! Oh by the way, a little tiny metal tea cup in your wooden crate is Ohio Art which is right here in Columbus! An amazing art school. Summer is too busy! I can't seem to read any of my favorite blogs! So today, of all days, I am so very happy to hear your summer is going well! All good things to you in your life Chelsea Ann is what I hope for you every day! Elizabeth

valerie said...

i imagine every little corner of your house is a blast to look at... you have adorable collections! i really love that wreath too. it's too cute!

Anonymous said...

Oh Chelsea Ann, pulllleeeaassee show us the rest of your kitchen! I bet its way cool. And, i love the fact your little house transforms itself (er, um, with a little help from a little birdy) on an almost weekly (hee) basis. I do that too, but then, it takes awhile to find that *exactly right* place for everything, doesnt it?

Shelley said...

I love coming to visit always have such fun post. I love the post with the tour of your grandmothers house.Thanks for sharing your memories

Blessings, Shelley

cindy said...

i too have a very big problem with TOO MUCH STUFF! but thank god it's all adorable!

love that wreath!

KnockKnocking said...

Hey sweet lady! You made me so happy I wanted to cry, you are such a doll! I love your itty bitty wall spaces! Especially those cute red boots. I wish we lived close by where we could hop over to each others homes and have a cupcake together.



Renee said...

What a happy place to be. Your home is lovely.

Renee xoxo

Laura said...

Your blog is so cute and wonderful and vintage! I love it!