Three Little Words - Kitschy Retro Fun

My Library queue is all about this guy!
I'm just crazy in love with Fred Astaire these days

From his big ol' smile
charming vocal performances
and ofcocarse those "Daddy Long" Legs that can dance dance dance

Of the hand full I watched last week
Three Little Words was my favorite
probably has a lot to do with that Red Skelton is also part of this wonderful cast
love him too!

I've been a BIG fan of musicals from the time I was a young girl
we would often rent a classic - my mom and I for a little girl time
and to this day is one of my all time favorites

My younger days were spent in front of the tv
dreaming of what life would be like if people just naturally fell into step together
and sang of all their hearts desired ~ Oh wouldn't it be lovely!

So moving on ~
Do you recall my posts about my record collection?
The record player I'm proudly standing by is no longer with us
Jim's family wanted it back
even though it had been unloved and not touched for a good 20+ years
But even though it didn't work I hated to see it leave

my hubby did the most amazing most loving thing
he got me a new one!
There is a long cute story about he gave it to me
but I'm a terrible story teller
but basically it the "same" player
only prettier, older, and it WORKS
but of coarse it won't play any of my records
so I will have to start another collection of 78s
and hopefully someday get another player for my 45 speed vinyls

I'm currently in love with this one!
It's really fun to crank up the record player and play a cheerful tune
I especially love the crackling sounds
I can't believe what a lucky gal I am!

So it turns out that Marianne also loves the record player
and even has a little collection of her own

by the way what do you think of her new hair?
At first I wasn't that fond of it
the fit wasn't quite as I expected -the wig seemed a lot shorter for Blythe dolls
I've never actually seen a Blythe doll in person
but their heads must be a good bit bigger than that of the Pullips
I think I was most annoyed at first with the bangs
but now it has seemed to have grown on me

I'm really having fun with Marianne
I only wish the sun would show it's happy face more often
I swear mr sun ONLY comes out when I am at work! GRRRRR!
But the other night I dreamed that I was taking pictures of her
what a silly thing to dream about!

One thing I have been dreaming about for quite some time
is starting another blog
and finally this dream is a reality
I've teamed up with my dear friend Karli of Retro Plant
(aka the Gnome Hut)
to share our love for all things
Kitschy, Retro, and Fun
it will also be a place to expand upon my love
for digital scrap-booking

Please don't be a stranger if you love such things too!
Karli put together a free little Valentines Kit
for all our new friends over at Gnome-N-Birdy

Have a lovely weekend!


Anonymous said...

congratulations on your new blog venture with Karli -- love the new site!

i have a question about your digikits. i want to buy a digikit. i will primarily use it as graphics to embellish my blog and to embellish blog posts. do you allow this? if so, which license will cover this? please let me know. :)


sassypackrat said...

So happy you got another record player, and one that works too!
I love Marianne's hair! It's so retro!

apparentlyjessy said...

Aww your Hubby is a sweet heart, I am glad you got a new record player, it is easy to see you love your records very much!
I like Marianne's new hair, especially with the red bow in it.

A Forest Frolic said...

Yay for your new blog and record player. That was so nice of your hubs!!

Jamie :)

KayEllen said...

So many memories listening to records when I was kid~~Cute post :)

Kay Ellen

Creative Breathing said...

Chelsea Ann, I don't think my very long return e-mail letter to you arrived. Too long to rewrite, know that you are in my heart and that all things happen for a reason. Stay true to yourself, and I do hope you move! I am so very excited about your new venture. Your paper line will expand I know. I just love posts about yourself. These will be such sweet memories for you in the future. Have a lovely weekend. E

Megan V said...

Yay! Congratulations on the new BLOG! Oh, AND the new record player! I thought it would be fun to get one and after seeing yours I'm even more inclined. It's small and pretty but cool and retro inspired too. Mmmmm.

sanjeet said...

happy you got another record player, and one that works too!
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