Easter Sweets

The happy spring time colors and the cute little bunnies
You will never ever hear me complain about stores unloading
their holiday merchandise months in advance
without holidays we would have nothing to look forward to
okay maybe that is a bit exaggerated
but I can't help it, I love to celebrate, decorate, and create
special memories with my family and friends
and my friends in blogland only add to the fun
I know I'm not alone - that perhaps many of you were also thinking of Easter
within days of Christmas wrapping up?!
Easter crafting is my favorite!
Unfortunately with our move I wasn't able to really partake as much this year
but we are finally settled
haha well at least most of my life is out of boxes
I can't wait to share with you all our beautiful new home
but I will leave that for another blog post.

The little bunny decoration above is my second contribution to
Lollishops Spring Design Team
Melissa Hicks all the way from Australia
won the bunny box I made for the last challenge
Melissa was so sweet to share that her daughter
thinks the little box has a touch of magic
I told her to let me know if anything truly magical happens Easter day!

So make sure you leave a comment
because you never know when magic is on your side?!
I'll announce this winner this Saturday!

The supplies for this challenge came from
Lollishop vender Inspiration Cottage

I wanted to share a few new scrapbook pages I made of Easters past

I loved this matching easter set we had when I was about 7
I always loved how my mother coordinated our outfits
with my dress being bit different than my little sisters
it made me feel special to have the "big" girl dress
these days I feel more comfortable and happy
in "little" girl styles
my mother is quite convinced something went wrong in my childhood
but I'm very much happy with who I am
and simply remind her that I've always been my own person
at age 13 I still preferred wearing whirly twirly dresses
and had I not felt so influenced by my peers into my teens
I think I would have worn them straight through high school

My sweet little husband also loved dressing up too!
His momma says that he was always eager to put on his suits,
with a his tie and cowboy boots any day of the week
too cute! I met jimmy when he was in a suite
he's quite a charmer when he's all pressed
and looking like he has somewhere very important to get to

I'm curious:
Did your parents get you Easter outfits and did you like them?
Did they coordinate with your brothers and sisters?
Do you pick out outfits for your little ones?

I know if I was a momma I would just love dressing my kiddies up!!!

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a Gnome Hut
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Teresa said...

Oh Chelsea Anne!
Those matching red striped Easter outfits are ADORABLE!
Look like something out of Polyanna!
Don't you just LOVE that movie!
Please tell me you have seen it!
Oh how I would adore to win your HAPPY Easter Happy up there!
I would keep it out allll year!
It would just make me SMILE...like you!
Happy Easter!
Can't wait to see your new house!
Teresa...Bainbridge Island WA

Mel said...

I love Easter. The candy, the pastel colors, the bunnies...too fun!

I only remember wearing a special Easter outfit one year. It was a really pretty purple dress that I loved. I don't remember what my sister wore.

My sister reminded me of an Easter story I had forgotten...I guess one year the family down the street was having a rough time financially and all 3 of the children got nothing for Easter. Our mom asked us if we wanted to share a few of our candies. We said that we did and we each gave half of our candy to those children (more than we were asked to give). I don't remember that, but I thought it was a sweet story and glad my sister remembered it.

Anyways...Happy Easter!

agravette said...

I think your style is just adorable! I enjoy Easter crafting too, especially decorating eggs!

Sheila said...

Love the scrapbook pages. Even the family pet was stikeing a pose.. Easter is one of my favorites holidays. Sheila

Gypsy Brocante said...

So, so sweet ... a wonderful Easter post and I love what you did with your design kit!

Enjoy your holiday weekend ; )


robin said...

awww your little bunny is adorable and so are the pictures! When I was little my sister and I both had fancy poofy dresses and wore white gloves, white patent leather shoes, a purse and an Easter hat and my 2 brothers wore suits with bow ties! I think we looked like minniature grown ups all decked out LOL! Happy Easter!

robin said...

and I just have to add that I think Mel's story above is one of the sweetest! I'm sure it was an Easter that family never forgot too!