A Little Get Away

I'm sitting in an internet cafe ~
trying to think seems impossible with the music
and the chatter of friends meeting over a cup of joe
but I promised I would reveal the winner
of my bunny Shadow box today
and so here I am
I'm happy to announce
will soon be welcoming my little box into her home
Congrats Melissa!

I'm so happy to be away in Idaho for the weekend
when I'm not feeling well both physically and mentally
it's my very favorite place to be
away from my everyday worries
the endless chores, my even more endless to do list
and yes even my computer -
which I seem to never be able to leave a lone

Isn't that after all why Alice followed the white rabbit
down his whole? - to get away?

I thought it would be fun to share these magazine clippings with you
I believe they are from the 1960s?
they were quite oversized, no the typical magazine sizes
we are familiar with today

I assume many of you are off to see the new Alice this weekend?
I think we might wait until early next week...
but I am quite excited to see it
and I just can't believe an entire year has passed
sense those first magical sneak peaks!?

Well I'm off to enjoy the rest of my weekend
away from the computer!

Hugs! Chelsea Ann


ApachesPrincess said...

Congratulations to the lucky winner!

I will probably do the same as you, go see Alice this week! I also can't believe that it is already out in theaters! How exciting! I love the clippings, so magical!

megan v said...

I just saw Alice this weekend and it was definitely amazing. Pay close attention to the COSTUMES - they were freakin' fantastic!! My jaw would drop at some parts becasue of them!

Thanks for the Alice scans! I love seeing different interpretations of the story. In the first scan it looks like she's got a variation of "tweedle dee" and "tweedle dum" next to her. Love it!

sanjeet said...

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