It's Not Easy

I'm not always the chipper little happy bird
I portray here in blog land
I have more down and out days
than happy go lucky days it seems
but I do my best to battle off my grump bump self
and enjoy each and every day - as I should!
But not being able to get prego has been HARD!
Especially when it seems like everyone you know around you is saying
It's been especially difficult being supportive and the big sister
my little prego sister needs me to be
it's hard to not want to pull my hair out each time
she calls the baby "it"
This Scrap page is about my sad days
but also about not giving up hope
I just HAD to purchase this little sweater the other day
I adore Lyle the Crocodile
and hey it was on sale!
Sometimes I'm hard on myself for buying such things
but then again life is short
best to do silly things once in while
if it makes you smile :)

All Digi Scraps from Julie of MINITOKO
Her line of Digi products are all inspiring!
I'm not joking... I'm seriously addicted!
Karli just posted all about Minitoko on our blog
check it out to see why I'm so crazy in love with this gal
PLUS Julie is offering one of our lucky readers an exclusive kit!
Yupp... a one of a kind kit for one lucky lucky person!

I've been a little lacks about sharing my wardrobe
with this new year... sorry
honestly it's because my house is never clean
so I have nowhere to pose.... yeah I need to work on that
This dress I purchased at a G-sale
lady said her mother sewed and wore it to her wedding
how sweet is that!?

Just rolled in a new batch of headbands!
I've made two separate orders of cabochons from Asia
ugggg... it's so hard to wait the 2-3 weeks
I'm practically stalking my mailbox these days
so once they are in I'm really going to be a busy gal!


Cottage Cozy said...

I will pray for you get pregnant. It must be terribly hard to see so many others pregnant around you when you are having a hard time. I feel for you.

You do look darling in that dress!

Hugs, Carrie

minitoko said...

Hold on Chelsa ann ! It's gonna be your turn when you will not expect it so much. I know what I'm saying as I waited for years to get pregnant and had to go through all your questions and "failed" pregancies (don't know how to say it in english). When I started my home project, my mind was so busy with it that when IT happened I was surprised. Be patient sweetheart.
Also, You are so right to buy things you like NOW ! I did the same !
Oh and I'm just MAD about your headbands !
Cheers lovely girl ;)

agravette said...

Love you so much girl! And I'm gonna be praying for God to help you get through the days until you get to be a Mommy. Your blog is adorable, I love your designs and style, and the headbands are just precious! Here's hoping you have a fabulous day!

♥Liefgeval♥ said...

Sweet girl, it will happen for you, you deserve it and I think you will be the cutest mommy! Love your new line of headbands <3. Enjoy the pretty things in life.
Hugs Nikki ~Liefgeval~

Nancy said...

Thinking of you! Have you checked out some TTC blogs? I think they have helped me, at least it doesn't seem like I'm going through this alone, email if you want me to show you some of them :)

agravette said...

Hey girlie, just thought you might want to know that the Gnome and Birdy blog is acting up again. Only the left half is visible. Can't wait to read all that's going on there!

Danielle said...

awe, buy whatever you want.. it's not silly! i love that little sweater! thinking of you.. i know it's so SO hard.. big crazy humongous hugs to you. Those headbands are darling!

Retro Plants said...

Chelsea Ann my dear. . . you deserve all the best and SILLY things in life. . . so go ahead and buy your alligator sweaters!
surround yourself with what you want. . . and you will get it! :)
keeping you in our prayers honey!
i KNOW everything will work out for the best. . . and YES, it is OK to be grumpy and have BAD days! {heck. . . i do that everyday! :) ha!}
lots of love and the *new* headbands are lovely! :)

Creative Breathing said...

Some days are alligator days Chelsea Ann, some days are pink flamingos. You truly are Alice, and your own special day will come! Always, E

apparentlyjessy said...

Sending you my love Chelsea Ann. I know how hard this waiting game is for you, but I am certain it will happen one day. It will probably happen when you least expect it!
Don't feel guilty for indulging in such gorgeous items like the crocodile sweater, you are absolutely right, life is short, indulge and enjoy the things that make you happy!
I think you look absolutely stunning in that yellow dress :)

sanjeet said...

You do look darling in that dress!
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