The Cruise

My Mr and I went out the other night
for our towns "cruise night"
we had a lot of fun
watching hundreds of classic car drive up and down the strip

I thought it would be fun to get into the spirit of the cruise
and wear a new dress my grandmother recently gave me
My grandmother is so funny
she is quite a bit shorter than I am
so I am sure this dress fit her a bit different
but she said and I quote
"I was brave enough"
well my husband wasn't about to let me out if the house
unless I added some length
- thank goodness I had this little girl slip I picked up at Old Navy
I just think its astonishing that in the 50's
anything above the Knee was considered scandalous,
to a mere decade latter the invention of the mini!
My grandmother gave me quite a few dresses the other day
I'm so glad she kept them all these years!
This dress was terribly stained
but it came through the dry cleaners perfectly
well almost - I could hardly believe it
but the dry cleaner took out all the pleats in the skirt
I was just baffled -
she apologized but said she just couldn't get them back in
So SAD! Oh-well!!!
It's not like me to get all fired up and cause a seen
so I just let it go
but honestly, wouldn't you think
a dry cleaner of all people could iron in pleats
or have the brains enough to pin them in before hand?

I just love how these pictures turned out!
I can't wait to show them to my grandmother
and I'm even more excited to share the rest
of the dresses she gave me with you!

I got a chance to sit in my first hot rod
oh don't ask me what it was?
but I think when hubby retires
I can see us going from town to town
showing off our hot rod!
Hubby already knows how to rebuild and paint cars
so it's a natural fit!

It's fun getting to know a new town
and new people

My new friend Kayla and I went out the other day
to check out the local shops
well... that didn't take very long haha
and so we spent the rest of the afternoon
looking for good places to take pictures
we found the alleys to be the most intriguing
my mother-in-law is going to just die
when she sees this picture
she LOVES all things Coca Cola

It amazes me the detail and workmanship that went into
advertising on the back sides of buildings
if only we put such care and craftsmanship into things today
the world would be a far more photogenic place that is for sure!


Kawine said...

you are so beautiful!! and gosh i love your dress... too bad my gandmother would never do that... and i am really too tall to even think fit in one of her dresses! ha ha! seriously love tose pictures! you lovely girl, you make me smile every time. thanks!

vivian said...

what a fun post. the little dress looks great on you. Do you know how old your grandmother was when she wore it?

~Carrie from Cottage Cozy~ said...

So happy to see that you are enjoying your new town...miss you here in Portland!

{eleise} said...

I just stumbled onto your blog!

It's so lovely!!!

♥zoe♥ said...

Oh...doll you're! Your pictures just looked like you're back to 50's*teehee* the dress perfectly fit on you Chealsea♥


Retro Plants said...

every dress you wear always puts a smile on my face!
and i love that it was your grandma's. . . i wish mine had kept all hers!
e-mail you soon. . . LONG time and NO talk, huh?