Playing Outdoors

It is funny how the sounds of nature can bring such joy
I feel like August Rush finding music in the wind
from insects, birds, and frogs, to the far off cry of a lamb
I love to sit outside and just breath
it clears my mind, my anxieties
and fills me with inner peace

I hope we never have to move back to the city
country life suites us both so well
as a child I would dream of city life
of the busy streets, the endless shop windows
and the unique rhythm of day to day life

But now I know I am a more quiet soul
I enjoy the slow pace of country life
the traditions and friendliness of a small town
and the beauty of watching the land change all around me
with the seasons and the labor of an honest days work

Oh I miss Ptown in many ways
I miss Knittn Kitten, Scrap, Pix, and Masu
just to name a few...
If you live in Portland or are planning a visit
I would highly recommend you visit these local businesses!
Most of all I miss my friends and family
but I have started to make new friends here in Emmett
and that is such a comfort :)

Digi Kits from:
Ittybittybirdy - Kitschy Digitals
- Gunhild Storside - Pugly Pixel

We are very lucky that the property we are renting
is so beautifully landscaped
it's quite the yard - the lawn takes me around 2.5 hours to mow
and I have quite given up on all the weeding

I'm enjoying practicing photography
in my own back yard
as well as some photo editing with Photoshop
(click on the image to view the free flickr texture I used)


Isn't that just amazing!
I'm still pretty new at using textures and actions
you might visit Maybe* Mej
her last post was dedicated on how to create soft textures
and she has some great free actions to get you started on that too
(used on my top photos^^)

I've recently received a few comments asking me how I edit
my photos and what software I use
I'm still really new to all forms of editing
so I haven't really found my favorite tools
but mostly I think its a matter of patience
and the willingness to learn new skills
for those without Photoshop
I would recommend Picnik

As always I wish you all happiness!
~Chelsea Ann


Pink Trees Studio said...

Just hello ❤

Cassidy said...

these are beautiful pictures !

much love xoxo

Anonymous said...

i'm so happy you are enjoying the country life! makes me happy! :-) it looks beautiful there.

danielle thompson

Ruzu said...

You look pretty :) Love the dress

When did you find that picture frame?


amber renee said...

i'm *officially* in love with your blog!! where have i been?? *bookmark* so lovely! xoxoxo

Ameya said...

Gorgeous photos and I love your scrap page! It's nice to see someone near me age who loves digital scrapbooking too! :D New follower!