An entire outfit for just $4.69!

All Aboard- ittybittybirdy

I've always wanted to have one of those girly closets
full of petticoats and sweet ruffly dresses
but sadly I've never had the opportunity to own
a single piece of "true" lolita swag

Most of my wardrobe is made up of little girl
dresses, sweaters, and even shoes
It's a perk to being a small as I am
the sweet innocent cuts and girly hues
appeal to my inner child
and the price tags are much easier on my pocket book
such as this darling dress that I purchased
for $1 at a thrift store

and this Old Navy T I got on sale for $2.50

I'm so excited to share my first "handmade" outfit
call it cheating but when you are learning to sew
an entire outfit can be rather daunting
at this point a simple hemline is no small feat
I'm learning that sewing is much like wood working
cut once - measure twice! or 5 times in my case
My waistband is wonky wonky wonky
but hey it stays in place
and so I am quiet satisfied!

I hand sewed the top collar of the dress to my t-shirt
and I am just so excited with how it turned out!!!
I'm going to be on the look out for more cute collars
to add to boring ol' t-shirts
Next week I start my first "real" sewing project
I'm going to make a jumper
I wanted to make some pantaloons first
but the Simplicity patterns are never on sale
gosh dang it!

So what do you think of my new hair color?
A dramatic new hair cut and color all in one week
my poor husband ... luckily he's pretty good with change
I am STILL so in love with my new hair!
I can't really put it into words
it just suites me

I mentioned in my last post that I was working on some new items for my shop
and that I would be doing a giveaway this week
but sorry - I'm pushing it to next week

I'm really excited to start editing through
the 250 pictures I took of all the new coordinating hair pins
I'm getting ready to post in the shop next week

Question for all you mommas out there:
I'm often asked if I carry hair barrettes
for babies and small girls with fine hair
but I just can't seem to figure out what is the best type?
I'm so dang broke these days that I don't want to invest in a "bad"
barrettes type that wont stay in or might hurt... any suggestions?
I would really appreciate it!!!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone
Hubby is dragging me along on a day camping trip
doesn't the man know I don't even own a pair of tennis shoes?
haha yeah I know that is pathetic
I think I'm more worried about taking our dogs
they aren't exactly the most well behaved pups
and I'm afraid an entire day outdoors with them
is going to be a LOT of work


sassypackrat said...

Love the new hair color! Suits you.

Catch A Falling Star said...

Dont you just love that you can buy clothes in the kids section?!
I have bought quite a few there myself in the past.
Your hair is cute!
Sometimes I think I should cut mine that short but then if I hated it I would cry everyday lol.

apparentlyjessy said...

Gah! You are so darn cute Chelsea Ann! I love the new hair do and colour, you look beautiful!

♥zoe♥ said...

Oh girl you're way too sweet♥ Lucky to your man and love your new creations of all your cute pins!

chinamommy said...

found you through Thompson Family-Life! I can wear kids clothes too...even at 41!

Megan V said...

I never think about looking in the kids section but I am definitely small enough so maybe I should try?? Cheaper, too!! You are so adorable, as always, Chelsea Ann! And I have always loved darker hair. I dyed mine brown and then went to black once!! Don't do that though. Black took over a year to get out. Hah.