Shop Talk - & A GIVEAWAY!!!

It's a bit hard to see here on my blog
but I finally made a new banner for my etsy shop
I wanted it to match my new blog design a bit
I wish I could figure out why in the world
it looks grainy every time I upload it to etsy?
I've tried playing with different resolutions
but nothing seems to help...
any one know what's going on?

I've finally updated my shop with all my new hair pin sets
I've been really down these last few days
a lot of self doubt.... ick
but I'm trying to pick myself up again
am keep on keeping on

I could really use some help promoting my shop...
I'm not very good at this part of the business
and I know 2-3 views a day is not going to do the job
here is the part where I kindly ask
you to share with your friends
a little mention on facebook, twitter or such
it's easy as pie to find an item in my shop that you like
and click on the share button that fits you

and in return I would like to offer a special gift
the chance to win a $10 voucher
towards any item in my shop
(to be used at anytime)
+ I will also give a $5 voucher to one of your friends
(anyone of your choosing)
you can just let me know who you would like the voucher to be sent to
or have a giveaway on your blog - for all of your friends.

Just leave a note on this post to sign yourself up for this giveaway
I will announce the winner next Monday

One last thing...
have any of your etsy seller tried using the showcases
to get extra exposure
and hopefully some sales?
if so has it helped?
I've signed up for two this month
and I am really hoping it will help
*crossing fingers*



super cute hair pins! come follow me xoxo

Ginny said...

I shared, love the ballerina items you have!

apparentlyjessy said...

Only too happy to oblige Chelsea! I've shared your hair clips on twitter and facebook! Hope it helps sweets! x

Fae said...

The new banner is adorable!

I tried a showcase once, and didn't see much effect, but I suppose it depends on the sort of items you have.

Stephanie said...

Try uploading the banner as a gif and see if that works. And I am tweeting now! Just found you on flickr

ringmaster said...

off to tweet your about your shop!

Folksie Linda said...

Your work is always adorable and charming Chelsea Ann and sweet just like YOU!!! Love the little hair pins..they are so cute! Don't ever doubt yourself... you are fantastic!!!

angela said...

your stuff is adorable, and i know the feeling of trying to get over that hump! i'd be happy to help promote you! <3 good luck!

Fontanna said...

I shared and forgot to leave a comment! So i guess here it is now. :)

♥zoe♥ said...

♥hey Chelsea! So adorable pins, so sorry I had the same problems here which can't figure out too, will ask my peeps and off now to spread your etsy shop to my friends*heehee*


a tea leaf said...

These are fantastic! Your photos look terrific too!

Rachael said...

I love your headbands and hair pins! I posted links to my 2 favorite headbands via Twitter (@GlassofWin) =D

niniel said...

trop mimi ! (=3=)