Merriment and Peppermint

From the time I was a little girl my favorite animal has been the Moose
to be honest I'm not sure I've ever seen one in person
but I love them none the less

Last weeks Doodley Doo was Woodlands
and I used the topic to work on a drawing I did back in 2008
I've been so dang frustrated lately with how to color my work
and after hours of experimenting I think I've finally found
a process that works for me!!!
What do you think?
I painted my moose - his name is Peppermint
in photoshop... it's a rather long process
well at least adding all his hair was
but I love the clean look
and the fact that I can edit my work as I move along
no more going to far with the colors
or oh my goodness why did I choose that color!!
and so forth and what not...

I was so excited with how Mr. Peppermint turned out
that I used him as the mascot of my new etsy shop I just opened
I know - kind of sudden right?
well I've been thinking about and honestly really needing to
open a second shop in order to separate all the different avenues
my little creative mind takes me in
So now you can find all my vintage items at Merriment and Peppermint
along with some new vintage inspired nursery decor
that I will be finishing real soon

Here are a few more shots from the little photo shoot
hubby was kind enough to do with me yesterday
in fact hubby was such a great sport
because we realized after we were done
that I didn't have a memory card in the camera
so we had to go back to the house and then back out again
and of coarse the lighting wasn't as good the second time around
so I don't think any of these photos are amazing
but I also couldn't decide which shot was the best... lol

For those of you who signed up for my giveaway
and were so kind as to spread the word about my shop
I did see my numbers jump a bit
and even made a sale! :)
I really appreciate the support!!!
So without further delay...
the winner is
the ever sweet Linda


Retro Plants said...

congrats on the *new* shop!
that is SUCH a good idea. . . and i heart the name :)
you are so pretty Chels!
did you CUT your hair!?!
and change the color!?!
i LOVE it!

sassypackrat said...

LOVE the moose! I love how you "painted" him in Photoshop too! Good luck with your new shop!

♥ Liefgeval ♥ said...

Oooh he's gorgeous! How amazing girl! And I love those pics! I'm terribly late with my drawings :( but I will get to them a.s.a.p!
It's great that you opened a second shop, congrats :)!

apparentlyjessy said...

Ok, the pics of you with the moose hat are too cute! I love the dark shade of your hair too!
Love that you are opening a new shop, the banner looks nice, I like the colouring you do in photo shop the most!
Congrats to Linda!

Get Campie! said...

I saw your red airstream and think it is spectacular.... I would love to share a few pics of it on my get campie blog... Let me know what you think... Thank you so much :)

Cate said...

That first picture of you is really nice! It looks like something from a Vogue magazine... with a moose!

Your Photoshop coloring is quite lovely! Just be warned: Once you get used to coloring in Photoshop, you may be hard pressed to go back to traditional media. :)

Stina / Sagolikt Pyssel said...

Those photos... Haha! yYou are so crazy! <3 :-)
There are moose in the woods here and my brothers family saw them almost every day/evening this summer. My two year old nephew said "Look. Moose." and he was right every time. :-D (At least that is what his stoy telling mom said. ;-) )
Fun with the new shop!
Hugs!! <3

minitoko said...

crazy lady full of talents ! added your super new shop in my fav'. Coooool !

Danielle said...

love your moose drawing! it's wonderful! did you use a Wacom? i'm just now learning to use mine.. ha! a bit of a learning curve...