Creative Energies Abound

Happy Wednesday all!
I truly have been in the best mood today.
My hubby is out of town and I get to spend the rest of the evening crafting 
to my hearts content, listening to MY music, and eating junk.
Of coarse when I finally do decide to go to bed I will miss him dearly
and especially our traditional kiss on the forehead. 
This post is just a little sneak at a few new items I'm working on
I have been just busting at the seams with ideas lately
and of coarse there is not nearly enough time to get to them all
instead I tend to chip away at them all at once
The top images are going to be available in my shop 
I am selling the original drawing in their cute little frames.
But this is also a little sneak peak at a new series I want to start.
I love drawing... but I don't hardly do it enough
I would love to have prints and other fun items incorporating my art 
in my shop by the end of this summer
thats my goal (lol I have to give myself ultimatums some times :)

I've also been SLOWLY working on my own set of paper dolls
My plan is to sell them coloring book style or colored by me.
The only thing I can't decide is if I want to print them or have them to download.
Any suggestions?

I also want to start scanning in this amazing children's dictionary
for digital use. The images are so fun and I could do different themes 
like, baby, children, home, and animals. 

I'm also diligently working on a custom order for 11 gingerbread houses.

I was also invited to have my Keepsake Cake
 Items featured and available to buy at Bethany Hissong's
new studio Hatch Studio and Gallery open to her community for art and craft classes and gallery showings! 
What an amazing and exciting thing for me
but yet again I am so busy!
So I might be taking a few items out of my shop to send to her...


 Sadly there is even more items I'm working on but goodness gracious
just talking about these projects has tuckered me out.
So I'll leave them for another day.

I hope creativity is abounding in your lives too!


Anonymous said...

Everything is so cute!

Christy said...

So much creative energy going on in your world! I can feel it too!

Chelsea Ling said...

I love what you decided to do with those frames!! :) glad you are doing more drawing work.. I love your drawings.


apparentlyjessy said...

Wow! I love it when you are feeling creative, cause then I get to see more cuteness! I really really love your beautiful art work in pretty pink frames, and if only I had spare money I would be buying that mint chocolate ice cream cone in a heart beat! :)

Pieceful Bits said...

Holy Moly you have been one busy gal! Such cuteness come to your shop! Your custom order is looking very fine too!
My package shipped out today *wink*

Bethany Hissong said...

I am SO excited to get your little gingerbread houses to show at the gallery!!!! I know the girls will LOVE them!! Hang in there... busy is good, right? ;) Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!
xo ~ bethany

Anonymous said...

My goodness!!! So many cute and adorable creations. I just love your drawings they are so sweet and whimsical! The paperdolls are just the cutest, my little Olivia would looove those! Keep those creative juices flowing, for it's producing much adorableness!!!


Clorofil said...

Those frames are adorable, and your drawings are so lovely. Oh and your gingerbread houses... just wow !

danielle thompson said...

***OMG***! chelsea ann!!! you are such a talented artist! you've been holding out on us. Shame on you. ;-) your drawings are so unique and the paperdolls? *brilliant* I want some!! and yes, i think we were thinking of smiling ice cream cones simultaneously. lol! :-) i love all of your new ideas! yay!

Pink Trees and Sunshine said...

I love my ♥ Chelsea Ann Paper Doll :~)))