Lollipop Lane

It's a candy colored world all year long on Lollipop Lane. 

From red and pink at 

to shamrocks and rainbows on
St. Patrick's Day

then hip-pity hop...

and before we know it 

then red, white and blue and it's
4th of July

and quickly summer ends and it's time for

leaves change colors and children play football in the 

 things get a little spooky on

then snow begins to fall in the

and every year jolly ol' St. Nicolas visits us at

After about a month and a half I am finally done with my largest custom order yet. 
It was a really rewarding project. It's so fun to see all the holidays and seasons come to life in their own special way. 
I apologize for my absence from the land of blogging. I have been so busy with one project or another. My blog reader is bursting at the seems and e-mails left un-replied. Please be patient with me for the next couple of weeks. I hope you all are having a great week yourselves. 

Chelsea Ann

p.s. I would love to know which house is your favorite :)


sassypackrat said...

They are all awesome! My favorite is the St. Patrick's house because
my birhday is on St. Pat's Day and I love to go all out for it.

Chelsea Ling said...

Lovely!! My fave is the winter snowflake house... but they are all great!

Clorofil said...

All are lovely ! i especially love the easter and paddy's day ones.

Alissa said...

Yaaay... you're done! Congratulations Chels! The St. Patrick's one is my fav! You know how I love green!

Cloth Paper Stitches said...

I have a Kreativ Blog Award waiting for you on my blog!

I was awarded one today myself and now have the privilege of awarding other fabulous blogs. I really enjoy your blog.

Your project here is adorable! Must have taken you forever!!

Lyn said...

ohmigawd! these are awesome. you are awesome!
i cannot simply choose A favourite. so, these are THREE faves: winter, school and easter =)

Christy said...

OMG Chelsea! These houses are the sweetest! I love them all!

creative breathing said...

Scrumdiliumptious! Ever single last one of them! Chelsea Ann, you amaze me! What a lot of work. I wanted to let you know that if you would like to go into my blog and copy the photos of the birds, please do! I think they are so adorable amongst the blossoms. I am having such a battle with my OCD and my blog. The posts that have more than one picture give me so much anxiety, I can't sleep! How goofy, I know!!!!! I'm going to have to return to one photo, one story or else be carried away. This is the goofiest of my phobias - the fear of two! I'm hanging in there hoping short-term memory will take care of the problem. Post enough - and forget about them! LOL Have a great weekend! Again, such beautiful work. You have inspired a project this weekend - snowballs! E

*Evelyn* said...

Wowow i love every houses !!
My favorites EASTER and SUMMER !!
I believe that sooner or later I will buy one, are irresistible ...

with love


Whimsical Creations said...

Those are fabulous!! The fall is my favorite! =D

Anonymous said...

Just the cutest cottages ever!!! I don't know which of them I could choose as a favorite...probably the Christmas and Easter houses. So wonderful in each and every darling detail!!! You are so amazing!