Weekend Adventures

What an incredible last race my little brother had this weekend
It West Coast Championship race.
My brother who was running in second for overall points left nothing on the table
With a terrible start he managed to pick through the pack landing himself in 2nd place
and had he had even one or two lines more I am sure victory that night would have been his!
It was incredible! I wish I could have been there!

This is me with my dad at last weekends race in Seattle.

And my handsome brother JAKE with our Mum

It was a little chilly that day so I was sure glad I had my new earmuffs I purchased from the sweetest etsy shop Zygomatics.  

If you don't know very much about the sport of Motocross take a second and watch this clip of my little brother riding. 
I have to say I am pretty start struck with him,
he is such an amazing kid and such a role model!
Starting at the age of 4, I have seen Jake's drive and dedication to the Sport.
It's so empowering to see his dreams come true!

I love you Rooster!
& I know you'll be taking that Championship home next year!
Good-luck in Vegas!

I had some adventures of my own this weekend
I overcame my fear of driving to new places 
and took a little trip to meet a fellow blogger
We had such a lovely time chatting about marriage, children, and blogging
Britt's the first fellow blogger who I've had the pleasure of meeting.
I hope this is a start of a very special friendship.

We exchanged gifts
and I received this most beautiful wall hanging full of crafting supplies!
It is so sweet and adorable.

Tomorrow is Britt's oldest - 2nd Birthday!
Happy Birthday Little Man!
What a cutie pie!

Last night my school pal Victoria and I went to see the broadway Grease
We had such a fun time bopping and grooving to the music. 
It was NEAT!
LOL and the lady sitting next to me asked how marriage life was...
remember last time I went to the broadway I wore my wedding gown?!

I was catching up on Britt's blog and found this link 
she gave for making photos look really really old.
You should give it a try ~ 

Hope you all had an adventurous weekend as-well! 
If you have time please stop by and check out my picks for this Mondays Paper Cakes Finds


our little love nest said...

You are the cutest!! Good weekend and thank you for the link. xo

Clorofil said...

Awww god i am glad you are happy with the earmuffs! you're soooo cute ! ♥♥♥

Gina said...

Congrats to your brother. And you look so much like your mom!!!
I wanted to stop by let you know I seen your name on the list of crafters that will be in the gallery in PA. How wonderful for you!

Chelsea Ling said...

LOL about the lady sitting next to you.... first thing I noticed in this post was the earmuffs!!

Princess Skye said...

I love the last few images, your outfit is adorable. I really must find some t-strap MJs like those!

zoe said...

Hi Sweetie!
Good morning:)
OOps i guess for your place is night hour...
You look cute in the pictures and i love the outfit and the earmuffs!


Britt- Sparkled Vintage Charm said...

you are a smartie!! that cracks me up that you saw that that is the box! I was trying to find a box for your stuff. I was going to paint a bright green basket,but didn't have time and saw that and thought of you because I know you love pastels. I have found lots more stuff I meant to put in the box. I will have to give it to you another day. Maybe with other things for your bday :-)