Vlog Day: Toy Collection Part 1

Yeah another V-log for my friends
it's a good thing I made it last night 
because today I'm even a bigger sicky than yesterday :(
I think many of you will enjoy this little topic
so many of us have this fondness for old toys,
 and other sweet items from our childhood
I think having them around 
reminds us that we don't always have to be grown ups
when I pull a chattering toy across the from
the child inside me comes alive!
What brings your inner child alive?
Is it a doll you played with everyday after school,
a favorite book so well loved 
you could read it from heart?
I hope you all have an item or two that brings you such joy!
My Dear Friend Jin has been struggling with suppressing her inner child
she writes me with these sad ideas about adulthood 
and leaving childhood behind!
If you have any advice for Jin please leave a comment
I think it's very possible to live happily in both worlds... don't you?


I wanted to send a great big THANK to all of you
who voted for my Easter Bonnet!
I got 3rd!

I wanted to also THANK
for hosting such a lovely and inspiring contest

Check out her Lollishop stocked full of cottage style vintage goodies!

One more THANKS
 and then I'm going to go cuddle on the sofa 
with my sick hubby and watch a movie

This Thanks is for Jessi of Scrappy Jessi
for my sweet sweet Prize!
I adore it and will treasure it always!
Make sure you take a little peak 
into Jessi's shop as-well



Alissa said...

Congrats on getting 3rd place!

Pink Slippers said...

I just LOVE your blog!

valerie said...

i love your toy collection! i'm a big fan of old fisher price... i had the little record player you showed. curtis and i found an amazing vintage fisher price airport and plane in austin a few weeks ago and we bought it for our nephews. we've given them lots of vintage fisher price toys... (we haven't any luck finding the people either.) i'd love to collect them for myself, but i don't have any room! must be nice to have a basement :)

thanks for sharing and i hope you feel better!

Jacqueline said...

Chelsea, im really enjoying your vedios! Thank you for showing us all your wonderful toys...i love vintage Fisher Price toys too! Congrats on getting 3rd place! So happy for you! Hope you feel better soon!! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

Gina said...

Congrats on 3Rd place..YEAH.

Looking at your toy collections is like looking at my childhood. It brings back memories. The farm, phone, house, even the pull dog. My brother and I use to run with that dog seeing how fast we could get his tail to wage. :) But my favorite was the record players with all those pastel colored records! Loved playing with that.
Hope your feeling better very very soon. Take Care.

Anonymous said...

I am so loving your vlogs!!! It's so fun to see and hear you talk about you AMAzing collection!