Oh what a silly wonderful life I have indeed!
Presenting for the first time ever...
Oh my isn't it a beauty?
The color turned out perfect.
Some say it is fire engine red, others Ferrari red
and yesterday my boss asked what was that giant red hamper thing?
oh we have gotten a few smirk looks
but mostly happy smiles, waves, and too many turkey necks to count

there is something very special about this bubbly piece of Aluminum on Wheels
and its not just its mod awesome aesthetic
no no it's so much more
it's a life style
It reminds us to slow down
take the road less traveled
and to reconnect
with each other
and with nature

The puppies love it too

who knows maybe one day I'll be heading down the road to visit you!?

ok so I have so many many pictures to share.
I just can't seem to narrow my selection down
I just LOVE this top picture. LOVE!

Well now for a lot a bit of silliness...
I'm truly and sadly not a beach person
but I just had to make the best of our Maiden Voyage to the Oregon Coast

So I brought along some friends for company

Oh dear!
Nose Dive!

I've grown a little too tall for my toys it seems

My turtles had such a lovely time at the beach

Although this poor guy almost gotten eaten
by a large mangy puppy dog

Oh I think these two are twins

It was quite a fun filled day for the turtles
we shall have to go again

or perhaps we shall let it be someone else's turn?

Happy 4th everyone!!!!


Anonymous said...

Big Red is great!! May I ask what year and model?

Amanda said...

FUN! Ooh, I'm jealous. Of your gorgeous camper, your beach trip and your ducks! :D Have a great weekend!

Ulla V. said...

Lucky, lucky you!! Every single member of my little family would love your camper too...
I'm sure that you will have so many great hours ahead of you in that lovely red wagon. :))

Melanie @ Whimsical Creations said...

WONDERFUL!! It turned out great! What a lovely madden voyage. =D

Happy 4th!

Elaine from L.A. said...

Too fun, Chelsea Ann!!! When do we get to see pics of the Interior Design? :~)

sassypackrat said...

Great Airstream! Always wanted one. Love the turtles! I have the one with the orange hat too. Looks like fun was had by all.

valerie said...

your airstream is gorgeous! perfect color! it's so shiny and dreamy... will you be sharing inside pics as well??? i love looking through flickr photos of decorated vintage travel trailers. i bet the inside of yours is cute!

Julie Ann said...

What a fun colored awesome camper!!! I LOVE your outfit in the pictures of you and your turtles by the beach!! Travel Happy :)

Pieceful Bits said... are such a gem!
Happy 4th

Sadie Lou said...

That is so stinkin' cool, Chelsea! I hope you and your hubby have endless amounts of awesome memories with your Airstream!

KnockKnocking said...

Oh my word! I can't believe how fabulous it is!!! You have great style whatever you do. I am in awe. If ever you are in Austin, we must go here together, I think you would like it.



Unknown said...

Love the color and the turtles are great. Hope you and your hubby have a lot of memories of fun and the open road. Happy 4th to you both.

Miranda said...

The turtles are very cute! That Airstream is AWESOME! I love the color and the window with the doggie. <3

apparentlyjessy said...

Oh my! I am so glad to finally see the painted airstream! I'd like to think of it as postbox red! I am sure you will have many a fun adventure in that beauty! I would love to see what the inside looks like.

I love the photo of you on the letter boxes, you look lovely. The photos of you on the beach look like fun, I am certain I had a pull along turtle like that when I was little!


Christy said...

happy 4th of July to our favorite all american girl! Your red airstream looks fab!

Rose said...

What an awesome camper van! Ive never seen anything like it!
So many lovely photos :) looks like you had a fun time!


Andi B. Goode said...

Oh my gosh! It's beautiful. I'm in awe. Have you ever seen the film The Long Long Trailer? It's a very lovely film.
-Andi x

Whispy Love said...

Your adorable xo

Cait* said...

I just LOOOOURVE your Airstream! One day I want one of my own, with checkered florring on the inside! Congrats!

jungle dream pagoda said...

A red Airstream is an inspired idea!!!!!!!!
What a lovely world you live in!

KayEllen said...

Chelsea!!!This is so fun!!!
I love your new RED Airstream!!

What an adorable post:)

Have a wonderful holiday weekend!!Looks like you already are form your pics...and your tooo cute Dog in the window..ahhhhh

Stop by for a stroll around Balboa Island:)


danielle thompson said...

chelsea, i can't tell you how *JEALOUS* I am!!! my husband and i have been talking for so long about wanting to own a camper and just see the country.. and i have ALWAYS ALWAYS wanted an airstream.. it's a dream... and look at you, you've made it come TRUE!! and you can get them in fire engine RED?!?!? you're kidding me!!! we just got home from our trip and seeing this makes me so happy. We passed by a "Camper World" on the interstate will all of these big campers and we were dying for one. But I want only an AIRSTREAM. So i will live through you for now! (p.s. when you mentioned having your own Airstream in an email you sent me a while ago, i thought you were joking! lol!)

CONGRATS!!!!! and can i just say these photos are so adorable of you and your guy. Your cuteness is too much. :-)

Cate said...

How wonderful! The photos look just like something out of an old family album. I'm glad you're having such a beautiful time!

icandy... said...

Awwwwwwww... you are so cute!

Kristen said...

I'm speechless. Seeing those pictures actually made me sweat! That is my DREAM: to own an Airstream someday. I didn't think it got any better than the original Silver, but the Red~ WOW!!
I think I might cry.....
You two might be the Luckiest couple on the planet!!!!
Very VERY Cool :)

Lori said...


Unknown said...

Oh my gosh, I LOVE it!!!!!!!!! You are just the cutest family! So fun!!


♥zoe♥ said...

WOOOOWWW Soooo Beautiful RED! I love all your pictures taken so happy & wonderful feeling, so any road trip you and your man planning? haha have fun!


Unknown said...

That trailer, I can't find the words. WOW, what a great thing to have. Red is my favorite color, so this definitely appeals to me. Gorgeous.

marlene said...

too too cute! congrats!!

Unknown said...

Wow! That looks fantastic. Love me some Shiny original Airstreams, but that red does look sweet.

The turtles are kinda creepin' me out.

megan v said...

WOW. This is probably the COOLEST THING I have ever SEEN!!!! My mind can't even put into words how awesome that is!!!!! Aaaaaahhhh!!

Are you going to give us a tour of the inside soon?? I'm picturing some red and white polka-dot pillows in there somehwere. I hope that's the case! ;)

I'm pretty sure you have just shown me what my dream for my future is. Red Airstream roadtrips across the country....

Anonymous said...

I am absolutely in love with your red Airstream! First off, I love Airstreams, and secondly, red is my absolute favorite color.
Lemme know when your're ready to sell, LOL!
Angie at LonesomeRoadStudio

Lara said...

That camper is the cutest thing I've ever seen!!!! Have an awesome time in it!!

nicole hill gerulat said...

what a dream! i wish i had an airstream

Anonymous said...

The color is magnificent!!!! I am so super jealous of your airstream. I want to see when you cute out the inside. We really need to have another dinner so we can all get together. The summer is always so hard, but I am thinking sometime in September should work. Alas the frame issue has come to an end. I was only able to get 2 more frames to match the exisiting one. We will need to have a pow wow about whether to select all new frames or do 3 and 3. Hope you are having fun on vacation.

Stefan said...

I do believe we are neighbors! My wife and I walk past a house here in Portland with a red Airstream all the time. Can there really be more than one? We love it.

Unknown said...

I edit the Ontario Airstream Club newsletter. Would love to include a pic of your cool Airstream in an upcoming issue with your permission

Unknown said...

The trailer looks like a 70's Argosy that was manufactured by Airstrem EXCEPT I have never seen a window in an Argosy. Was the door customized or changed? If it is a n Air Stream what year and model. I like the red color. Does it get hot in the summer? Who & how did the painting?