Well let me ramble...

Oh goodness
what a week, what a silly busy week I've had
and by week I am counting my last seven days.
Oh wasn't the mad hatter tea party fun?
I'm afraid I was only able to visit a few parties
given we were out of town, I lost internet service all of Monday,
and I've been working late every-night for work
but oh my what lovely party guess you all were to my very own unbirthday!
THANK YOU!!!!!!!

There are quite a few things I want to share with you today
but given I have to get ready for work
I will type as quickly as I can
and just see how much I can manage to say
before time quickly creeps up on me


As I sure you all love them as much as I
I thought I would share a few of my favorite pairs that I currently own.
Sadly I lost 3 of my favorite pairs to my Puppy a while back
oh there is simply nothing like the loss of your favorite shoe
none the less 3 pairs!!!
Plus in the last year I had to throw away 2 pairs of shoes
that I have had from high-school that were my very very very
most beloved shoes! CRY!
Also the last 5 months have been very interesting
for I have not owned a single pair of black shoes
I can't tell you how many times I have gotten all dressed up
only to realize I had no appropriate shoes!
Not that I have not been looking!
But I don't do open toe shoes at all and I live in my heels so they must be comfy
But yesterday I purchased
these cute Mary Jane double strapped heels from on-line Target
I fret a bit because there is not yet any reviews
but I LOVE my last pair I ordered from target
(the red pair above)
And I was quite desperate because I have a wedding to attend in two weeks
and the bride just changed her colors!!!

My dress was to be pink
so I just purchased this pair a few weeks ago
oh-well they have proven already to be a great asset to my wardrobe
Quite honestly my shoe collection is pretty small
My husband would argue this point
but I have only 4 or 5 more pairs more than what I show here
I have no sneakers... I tend to like white Keds
but they always fall apart and get too dirty for everyday wear
So I think I might try Kangaroo shoes or Saddle shoes in the future
both of which I wore as a little girl

The last to pairs I want to share are what I refer to as my Holly Hobb Shoes
The heels are from Ross and the Mary Janes from Marshalls
neither very practical I have found but cute none the less

On a new note
I don't often share what I'm reading or what movies or tv series I;m watching
but a very ironic thing happened the other day
Two of my library holds came in
and unknowing to me the plots were exactly the same

The first was Finding Neverland
as I am switching gears from Alice in Wonderland
to Peter Pan for my next art series

& the second, Dream Child
Both movies are about the origin of the beloved children's stories
Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland
However I was quite disturbed to find out that our beloved Lewis Carroll
may have had an even more twisted mind than just telling nonsensical stories.
While J.M. Barrie was inspired by children's playful imaginations
well I am indeed running out of time
I guess you should rent the movies to see the comparison yourself or
just read this and this.

Please do stop by Friday if you can
I'm going to be sharing pictures from the maiden voyage
of our new airstream!!!

Hope you are all having a lovely week!
Chelsea Ann


KnockKnocking said...

Oh, I am equally exited that I found your blog my dear!! How fun, and I love your wreath pic too! Oh yay internet freinds! xoxo Agnes I see I have some reading to catch up on, how fun.

Victoria@WhimsybyVictoria said...

Such cute shoes! I wish I had tiny feet to wear all the pretty shoes, I wasn't so lucky! I do enjoy seeing them on others though!


StickyKitten said...

i love peter pan!! especially the disney version!!
your shoes collection is adorable..love the red fishnets too =)
thanks for participating in my giveaway contest--i will be doing another one soon!

brandi milne said...

I loooooove those red shoes!! Cute as buttons, I want!

apparentlyjessy said...

Ooohh you have such great taste in shoes! Mary Jane shoes are the cutest!

I do look forward to seeing your Peter Pan prints, and photos of your airstream!


Rose said...

Wowzers you have some lovely and cute shoes there! I bought some recently from BigW which are similar to the first two...a cross between them really :)
I love the ones you originally bought for the wedding. And your socks are SO cute! love them :)

p.s. I nominated you for an award on my blog!


Pieceful Bits said...

I love your style in shoes!
The red and black are my favorites!
ramble on...heehee

creative breathing said...

You are like the White Rabbit Chelsea Ann, hurry on your way! I can't wait for the airstream photos! May I ask you how to put the "You may like these stories" at the bottom of your posts. I have so many stories now, and people ask if there are others that are related. This would be so perfect for my blog. If you are too busy, perfectly okay. I loved this post about your shoes. I only wore heels all of my twenties and special occassions after children. Fun Days!

katydiddy said...

I'm reading children's stories all summer. I'm currently reading Peter Pan and it's keeping me up nights. So frightening and violent! And who knew that Tink had the mouth of sailor?

Anonymous said...

You have great taste in Mary Janes, the paisley shoes are the best!! I was having the same problem with my Keds so I used scotch guard to help them last longer. I also bought different colours in Keds and only worn them when it was dry outside or wear them inside like slippers. I hope this helps and definitely go with the saddle shoes they look so rockabilly!

creative breathing said...

Thank you my sweet friend! You have made my blog such a happy place. Please if I can in anyway return a favor for you, please tell me. There is not anything I would'nt say yes to! Elizabeth