Shall I Ramble Some More?

I hope you all had a lovely 4th of July.
I haven't celebrated in the traditional way for oh...
gosh, like 5 years now
Our Little Puppy Charlie is such a fierce guard dog
until the fireworks start popping and whistling
the poor thing gets sick from fright
and does all sorts of silly things
like trying to get into the toilet
digging a whole to china in our kitchen
and/or climbing the highest piece of furniture in the house
Drugs don't work
so it was a long long night for us all

Many of you left comments asking about the Airstream
I would love to comment back to each and every one of you
but... there is not enough hours in the day

Make: 1978, 24' Argosy
Manufacturer: Airstream
Name: The Radio Flyer
Paint: Professionally done - previously white and orange
Interior: LOL work in progress
The Long Long Trailer: on que at the library
Travels: we want to visit you all!
Problem: Stupid Mortgage!!!

I'm so glad you all love it as much as I
Your comments always put a smile on my face
but my hubby... oh you really really made his day
he is so excited about his red wagon
like a little boy at Christmas

Doesn't the stream make for a fun backdrop?
I've been making hair accessories for the last few weeks
Not sure if I will list any in my shop or not
I will have to think about it more
I've been making these cute yoyo headbands and hair clips for myself
and craft show were they seem to be very popular

Perhaps they are a bit childish...
and so I find that children are the ones who swarm my booth at the shows
and this makes me happy
for nothing I dream of more
than being like a child

To believe in magic
to seek out adventure in the depths of your imagination
and always see life as it should be and not as i truly is
to be girly, feminine,
and playful
both inside and out
to love with all your heart
and find joy in every unknown
to be silly, and giddy,
and not care what others might think

Sadly I think this description is torn away from the children of today
so very very quickly
They are made to grow up before they have even learned to read
how then can we ask them to enjoy the sweet adventures of story books
when life around them is so fast and complex?

Oh my! Oh how did I ramble on to this topic? Pardon me...
best not to delete and start over
I have already been at my desk the large portion of this afternoon.

Have a lovely week everyone.
~Chelsea Ann


Christy said...

Oh poor puppy dog. My dogs also hate New Year's fireworks!

Thanks for sharing your sweet, happy girly world! I'm loving that super sweet pink outfit!

icandy... said...

Big hugs to you~ and hoping that your holiday was wonderful!! I know what you mean, our pets had a pretty rough time, too... the news actually had a local shelter spokesman on Friday, and he said that traditionally, this week is one of the hardest for pets to handle because of all of the big bangs, noise and commotion. He also mentioned that there are more runaways and frantic episodes during this time of year... isn't that sad?! Thank goodness ours are indoors, we just made a huge raucous inside to distract them! :) Have a terrific week~ I'll check back soon!


Pink Trees and Sunshine said...

Ramble all you want~~it's delightful ~~I'll just ramble back :~) Is Charlie doing better today? Your hair accessories are delightful! I think they could be described as childlike and playful, rather than childish! And I spend a lot of time being silly~~it's the best way to cope with the difficulties of life!

apparentlyjessy said...

Hey Chelsea Ann,
I hope Charlie is ok, poor pup!

I love your ramblings, and on this subject I wholeheartedly agree with you. I have a sister 8 years younger than me, and I have watched her grow up waaay too quickly due to the pressures of our society, it makes me so sad. I keep telling her to remember to enjoy being a young girl, cause there is plenty of time later to worry about being an adult.

I love your headbands... I love yo-yo's!!
I am finally enjoying my first day of my week off, and I am hoping to have your tote bag and necklace all ready to send off by the end of the week! I shall keep in touch! :)

x Jessy

Rose said...

Your doggy sure hates fireworks by the sounds of it, poor thing!
I like your hair accessories, I wear childish hair accessories and earrings to work, I think it cheers up the oldies and least i hope it does :)


Lori said...

Awhile back I found your site and it made me smile from ear to ear! your spirit and originality makes me feel wonderful! I would love to just spend my days in ruffles and ribbons, playing house inmy big house and being a girly girl! I am so proud you spoke out about todays children! I am reaching a pooh-pooh age milestone I am refusing to grasp! And yes, children need to be just that children, dolls, toys, little cars and pretty childrens clothing not junior adults! i adore you just the way you are and wish we lived side by side so each day i could pull out my inner girly girl and enjoy! By the way love the headbands and are the yo-yos easy to make?? Take care,Lori

Shelley said...

Hi Chelsea,I loved visiting your blog. You have such a sweet playful life. I am a big fan of childhood things and toys(Hey,and I am a grandma) so you can see why I had so much fun visiting you.I so agree with you about today's children missing out on so much of their childhood. They just grow up way to fast these days. I try and keep my GRANDS little as long as I am able with tea parties and adventures of all kinds. Your blog is so charming I am sure I will want to return often....


KnockKnocking said...

I love your ramblings my dear, from your socks to your cute headbands. xoxo


♥zoe♥ said...

Love your girlie yoyo headbands1 I always love being and feeling childish and the fact is we will always remain young looking *lol*


Rhonda Roo said...

Oh you strike a chord in my, a chorus! We camped through Florida in an airstream when i was a kid, too fun!
But, it was not, I repeat, not, that incredible uber red deliciousness you have! What a showpiece! Congrats!
ALso, I totally agree-playtime seems to be over for so many wee ones before it even begins! Well, being a 40 yr old whose inner child runs the show, that horrifies me! My 19 yr old son and his friends hang out at our house, because it is fun-its family, its movies, its songs around a bonfire in the backyard, its crayons and puppets and tea parties (ok they just tolerate the tea parties and the puppets)-but that sense of play is what fuels imagination and creativity and happy thoughts!
(Oh my, who is on her soap box now?!?!) Sorry about that!
And you look like Audrey Hepburn in that first pic and my dog loved the fireworks, which shocked us all (I posted his pic, he wanted the front row at the fireworks-crazy silly dog!)
and well, I love your spirit and this playground you have here, called ittybittybirdy!
YAY for Chelsea!!

glitterpaintpony said...

Hello Chelsea Ann,

I'm having a total twilight-zone moment right now. I came across your blog when looking for fun crafty things to read online. From the style of your site and the bits you wrote for your blog profile, we have quite a bit in common! Here's the freaky part though: My name is also Chelsea Ann and my dog looks pretty much exactly like yours. My little Hoot is a jack russell-corgi mix. She totally looks like she's on steroids. Also I love birds and mermaids. I've got tattoos of both. Anyway....I just thought I'd let you know that we are living the same life apparently. Spooky!

Chelsea Ann

Laurie A.E. said...

What a wonderful musing! I am glad you are brave, happy and open enough to share your true self in this way with the world. It is an inspiring example to me.

Love your blog, my own blog is completely inspired by ones like yours:


Laurie Eno