B's Wedding Day

B and I have been best friends from 1st grade
from the very start our personalities clashed
B is high spirited and bubbles over with energy
me - well I'm reserved and more practical about everything
but NOBODY brings out my happy silly go-lucky self like B

B's relaxed, go with the flow attitude
made for one VERY stressful morning
I managed to capture one small moment
in the haze of craziness that ensued that morning
LOL, oh my I just could not really put to words what it took
to get B down the isle that morning.
But somehow we managed it

and what a gorgeous bride she made

This was my first time being a Brides Maids
seems those flower girl days are finally over. LOL

B's 4 little girls were the sweetest little flower girls you ever saw

The Theme of the wedding was Butterflies
and while the cake wasn't exactly what poor B wanted
it was very beautiful and VERY delicious!

I wanted to give B something very special
- a Keepsake of her special day

I was so lucky to find this very unique butterfly jewelry box at Anthropology
I hope she will treasure it as I have always treasured our friendship!

I love you B!!!!!!


Chelsea Ling said...

what a *gorgeous* wedding :) you look too cute as always!

Anonymous said...

Just so beautiful! I love the gift you gave...so lovely and special.
It looks like it was a very happy and wonderful day!

apparentlyjessy said...

I adore that first photo, you two girls look glowing and so happy together! Totally gorgeous wedding, I love the butterfly cake so much!

KnockKnocking said...

What a lovely wedding!!! I just love it! And your photos of course. Just wanted to let you know I sent a little love your way in blog land, over on my blog.



koralee said...

What an adorable blog you have...just linked over from knock knocking...i am so eager to read some of your past blogs....so off i go to visit with you for awhile..i know i am in for a treat...will add you to my follow list!!!

PinkBalloons&Macaroons said...

such a cute wedding!! I am sure your friend is just as sweet as you!! Love her cake! I got a new phone so you will have to tell me your number again. k? Huge hugs sweetie!! xoxo!! Britt :-)

Ashannsu said...

Hi! What a beautiful wedding! Do you know where's the butterflies on the cake came from? I have been searching the Internet everywhere!!