Big Red goes to see Something Big and Red

No matter how careful you are
Life happens
This was the start of our trip to the Red Wood Forest
poor tree - this isn't the first time it had been hit it appeared
lesson learned: Trees curve from where they planted
This wasn't the only mishap though
we also nocked a hole in the bathroom sink by leaving the leaky iron in it
and other silly things not worth mention
The thing is you will learn a lot on your first real trip in a camping trailer

Like puppy dogs will bark at any noise they hear
keeping the whole campgrounds awake at night and annoyed by day
Little boys will want to puddle hop every time they go outside
so bring LOTS of extra clothing
and no matter what - your camper will be thrashed
good thing we replaced the carpets already
in exchange from wood overlay

As you can see I was blessed to travel with the CUTEST camper ever!
His momma is a friend from work
and we all traveled from Portland to the Red Wood Forest Together
This little man and I were tight the whole trip
he even said
" I want Chelsea to be my new momma because she is pretty and has toys!"
what more can I say... he was the best part of the whole trip!!!

Well the trees were BIG
even bigger than Paul and Babe

I just love this picture
all the different expressions... priceless!

This place is called the Trees of Mystery
and you get to ride a gondola
and take in this beautiful view
Can you see the ocean?

I would highly recommend the Trees of Mystery
they have a great walking path and descriptions of all the different varieties of trees
I thought the trees would just be BIG
but oh no they are also weird!
Such as trees growing on top of trees... very strange indeed.

Here is an example of exactly that...
had you any clue?

the tree grouping here is called a cathedral
and marriage ceremonies take place under it a couple time each year
It would be very romantic.

When we had seen just about enough trees for one trip we all went to the beach
It was the puppies first time and they loved it

Unfortunately we didn't always stay together as a group
but my friend shared he amazing pictures with me
and they are just TO) CUTE for words!

I am so glad that we made this trip
I've been wanting to go since childhood
my only regret is that
we didn't drive through any trees
but we did see a

A rather nice fellow actually
ummm it's far to much work to fix and re position this photo...
but seriously I can NOT spell lately!!! Not that I ever could
but Honestly!!!! I have a problem!

Sadly and at the same time thankfully
all trips must come to an end
It will probably be the last Airstream trip until the spring
Big Red needs some love
(lets all cross our fingers the crunched up back pops out smoothly)

I'm sorry it took so long to finally share this trip with you
but as you can see there was much editing to be done
but it's nice to go back through the pictures
and relive in my mind the wonderful adventures we had

Have a wonderful Weekend Friends!
~ Chelsea Ann


Pink Trees and Sunshine said...

Poor Big Red :~( But It look like you had so much fun seeing new sights! And what a darling little boy!

koralee said...

What an amazing trip...I adore Big Red! We have made that trip to the same area many your photos bring back lovely memories. Glad you had such fun with only a few bumps.

danielle thompson said...

these are just seriously amazing!! that red camper is just to die for. And i love your photos! i wish i could click on them and make them bigger to see them bigger.. :( maybe it's Firefox that's the problem? some of them open larger, but most don't. ANYWAY, what a memorable trip and thanks for sharing it with us! We are getting our pop-up camper this weekend hopefully... we're so excited! although it won't be near as cool as YOUR camper! :-)

Greetz from Tiz said...

this story is full of emotions!beautiful pictures, super fantastic camper!!x

Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

Looks like you had a wonderful vacation!! Thank you so much for sharing the pictures of the trees. They are quite a sight!! As for the red trailer, I can't even put into words how much I love it!!! OH MY!!!! :)

~ Wendy

apparentlyjessy said...

Your holiday photos brought a smile to my face Chelsea, I am in love with and am so jealous of your beautiful bright red Airstream!
The photo's of Red Wood Forest are just so stunning, you captured its beauty and whimsy perfectly. In fact all of these photos are wonderful, you have amazing talent, I am so inspired by you!
Hope that ding comes out easily!

creative breathing said...

Thanks for taking us along! What a beautiful trip - I just can't even imagine trees that big. There are only short trees in Ohio! So sorry about Big Red! What a fun post! E

fullofbliss said...

What an amazing trip! The photos are just spectacular. Thanks so much for sharing this special journey. I'm sorry about Big Red's boo boo.:(