It's A Party!


YEAH! My first ever digital kit is now available!!!!
This kit was made with much love and I am so pleased to share it with all of you!
Create lasting memories on your computer or by printing to your hearts delight
or create unique gifts for friends and family,
the ideas are limitless! So what are you waiting for?
The fun is all waiting for you under the big top!
PLUS you can upgrade to a commercial license for just $5 more

Purchase your kit at the

Not sure what a digital kit is?
This kit includes 25 individual items including background pages, vintage inspired stickers, and scanned images from a 1930's picture dictionary and other fun vintage copyright free images
these images are super easy to use and manipulate
the digital scrapbook pages below show just how flexible this kit can be
From layering the backgrounds, incorporating elements from other designers kits,
to creating a unique style all your own.

ah, wasn't my hubby such a cutie!?

For you new to digital scrap-booking
don't be intimidated
I have NO graphic design background
I prove that you can teach yourself
all you need is photoshop and a bit of patience and determination
If I was to sum up ~ Remember layers are your friend as are the layer affects
and Free Transform, Free Transform, Free Transform
and get yourself a copy of Photoshop for dummies
(whatever addition you might have such as C2, C3, C4)

Additional credits for the scrapbook pages above:

A very sweet friend has offered to let me use her button maker sometime soon
So I started playing around with some ideas
Really shows just how versatile this kit can be
would be really fun to use for creating birthday cards and announcements
or decorating a lunchbox with stickers...

Created with fd's Flickr Toys

Creating this kit was especially fun - There is just SO much inspiration out there
I could have gone on and on and filled the kit with 50 or more images
but I have other kits in my mind and I am eager to switch
to a new but equally fun and of coarse vintage inspired theme.

Oh~ and did I mention I have treats for you!
You can download this Circus Mini kit by just clicking here

and drag and drop this ooobber cute activity page on to your desktop
to entertain yourself or your kiddies on a lazy afternoon.

and last but very much not least in the very slightest
If you purchase your Circus Party Kit from now until Thursday evening
your name will be put in for a very special drawing~
to win a $20 gift card to use in either of my stores

Now that's a TREAT!
Thank you all for visiting!

~Chelsea Ann

P.S. Once again I have to apologize that the Airstream adventure post keeps getting pushed back! FRIDAY I PROMISE!!!!


Pink Trees and Sunshine said...

Chelsea Ann~~I don't usually resort to the vernacular, but~~you rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Martha said...

The kit turned out so cute, Chelsea Ann -- you did a great job. Who could possibly resist these darling images -- not me!

Stina said...

Oh, it looks SOOO great!!! ♥

creative breathing said...

With all my heart I wish you all success! Your designs are just beautiful! I WISH I digitally scrapbooked. Congratulations! E

apparentlyjessy said...

Congratulations Chelsea Ann! I love your work on this delightful kit, you have out done yourself again!
I would be very interested in your buttons!

Christy said...

Congrats Chelsea on your first ever vintage digital kit! It's super cute! May you have many more to come!

I blogged about it too:

Pieceful Bits said...


Angel.Pearls said... pretty!! //Eva

danielle thompson said...

i've been meaning to get over here the whole week! you did a great job! love it :-)

Retro Plants said...

oh just glorious Chelsea! love all around from me!

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