Little Space. Big Inspiration

I've been having one of those weeks
one of those please let me rewind
and hope that this time the ending will turn out differently
but at the same time I know it will all be okay
and this is the way it has to and perhaps even should be.
I was however surprised with a happy cheerful bit of news
Today, Hand Made News posted an article about my studio
I am really pleased with the way it reads.
Thanks to Mimi Guethe
for her wonder way of sharing and editing my answers to her thoughtful questionnaire.
I have done a few written interview before and am always a bit embarrassed by the end result
I'm not a writer... you all know this well by now

I am very pleased to share that any creative space no matter how small
can inspire creativity and bring joy to your heart.
I recently had a friend over who had only seen my home from my photographs
it was funny to see her response to just how small my creative space is
Camera angels can do magic

The important thing is to fill your home
and especially your studio with the things that make you the most happy
for me that is gifts from friends, vintage treasures, and lots of color.

This is a space (from a dear friend) that really captures
that rules in decorating should be thrown out the window
when it comes to your happy place
You can hardly walk into this lovely sweet room it is so full of treasures
but your instantly happy, instantly girlish and...
very ready for a tea party
If you don't have a happy space of your own or aren't feeling that inner che
please let yourself let-go of convention and logic and find your own little nook
or put all you favorite treasures on the shelf just cluttered with books.
be bold- be happy!


Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Your little space looks happy indeed!
The colors are lovely and so inspirational!

Stay Cozy, Carrie

Pink Trees and Sunshine said...

Well, first of all, you are an excellent writer. There may be some spelling glitches, but they are easily overlooked by your sincerity and the amazing amount of wisdom you possess for one so young. And it's wonderful that your decorating style is being recognized! It's charming, playful and fresh!!!
❤ Elaine

fullofbliss said...

A well deserved congratulations! I am so drawn to your sweet candy colored and carefree style. I always feel so happy when I see the things you create, or pieces and places in your home. As for your writing, you do a wonderful job! I am not a writer either, and I constantly find myself getting self conscious or worried what people think of me. You express yourself so well and are a delightful breath of fresh air!


milk and cookeez said...

OMG I love it! I also adore your collection of Little People, I just love them. My kids have almost all of the new ones (with arms, pffft) thay have no idea how cute the baby is with no arms and only a ruffle bib and a painted on curl :)
Do you have the A frame?
Sorry about that I just got back from 1976 :)
I love your space-it's everything that I hope to bring into mine, charm, whimsy, personality, and above all love-the LOVE of being in there. Believe it or not-but your candy floss picture will be the first picture that brings in that style to my new space, and I am so happy that it is!
Have a better day :)

bryna said...

cute photos.