A simpler yet more elegant lifestyle

My most recent adventures will have to wait for I am so tired
I just do not have the energy to edit and comb through all the images
I did have a lovely weekend and I do so kindly thank you for your well wishes
todays post has been rolling around in my mind all day
I am pulled to talk you about two very different things
and yet they play hand in hand that I am trying to bring my thoughts together.

The first: Where do you belong?
Are you happy where you live?
Are you there by choice, by habit, connivence, loyalty, finances...?
I have been thinking a lot about the idea of home
when I was a little girl we lived in a small town
not a cute little town just a small farming community with a Walmart
I hated that town and always imagined myself a city gal
well funny how things change... now I am a young woman dreaming of the country life
looking upon each small town with fondness
My husband who also grew up in the rural country side
shares this dream with me
we frequently brows the real estate ads just dreaming of our perfect little farm
(of coarse it would be a play farm)
both children of farmers there is something deep inside us that longs for the quite pace of the country land the small community lifestyle
I hope we don't dream too long... but life is as it is now and I try my best to enjoy every minute of city life... the convinces and my wonderful urban friends.

Secondly: My perception of Myself
I'm not really sure how to quite say what I want to say.
But as of late I have really been questioning how much I am influenced by our culture
as much as I am my own person
I feel like I am too often led astray
perhaps it is because I have not found my own rhythm in life
I swing from one thing or another
but I should like very very much to be 100% my own person
To be braver and more bold... not caring what my peers might think
and while it might sound silly
I think my fashion is a disgrace!
One day I am all dolled up and the next I'm parading around in my pajama pants all day
and even worse yet I get all tangled up in what is trendy from this day to the next!
I have such an urge to purge a good deal of my wardrobe
and only buy things I really really love
why don't we live by the lifestyles we dream of?
why do we only wear dresses on sundays or "costumes" on holidays
Well give me strength I plan to change my silly ways
and live by my own accord
I want to live a simpler yet more elegant lifestyle
I want my life to be richer and full everyday... not just on "special" holidays

hmmmm Does any of this nonsense mean anything to you?
Well it really doesn't matter... just me letting go of my thought
trying to find meaning in this jumbled up little noggin of mine

Well just for fun I grabbed a few photos form flickr and etsy to show you what I might buy if I had the chance to create a new wardrobe all at once
(click images for the lovely sources)

I love this beautiful skirt most of all!!!!!

well I promise I will have new airstream adventure pictures soon enough
Hope you all had a lovely long weekend and you enjoy the quick week as best you can

Chelsea Ann


Cori G. said...

Oh you have an airstream! I am turning green with envy ;-). I think you are just as darling as can be and you certainly don't seem typical which is a good thing!

xoxo Cori

Tracy Suzanne said...

Elizabeth, this is exactly what I like about blogging. As I've said before I never understood the big draw then all of a sudden I realized that there are others who think just like me. Just think of how isolated our lives are to a small town or neighborhood without the blog. What are the chances of you finding others like you in that small of an area?

I can't believe how much we think alike. I know you won't believe it but I've been thinking of the same things lately and feeling the same way. Maybe God helps us not feel so strange by leading us to others with the same thoughts.

Sorry, I went on so long. BTW, I really love the cottage and the fashions are gorgeous, and you're just fine just like you are. You touch so many of us with your stories and thoughts....Tracy

Tracy Suzanne said...

Oh Chelsea, please forgive me for calling you Elizabeth. I had her on my mind but I was definately responding to your blog. OOPS!!!!

Rose said...

Chelsea Ann, it seems you have much the same dreams as me. My bf and I plan to live on a little farm one day with a few animals and our own veggie patch, not to use the animals, but have them as pets :) But like you said, the city is very much a convenience, so i think this dream will have to wait until later in life for us! I hope it happens sooner for you :)

I am certainly the same with my wardrobe too. I went to see The Young Victoria (which i think you would love) at the movies yesterday, and admire how the women got dressed up each day, hair and all....I wish it were still like this. Speaking of wardrobes, ive been wanting to get rid of half my clothes for SO long, but cant bear to part with things I may wear one day...

Its great to read your honest posts :) you always make me think thats forsure!

Looking forward to hearing about your recent adventure!


Jen said...

Thank you so much for including one of my dresses in your blog (the navy dress with lace collar), your blog is a lovely read with gorgeous photos. I will be back again to visit and see what new thoughts you have shared.
--Jen @ Pintuckstyle on Etsy

p.s. go ahead and collect the fashion styles you love, it's liberating!

Brenda said...

You have the most beautiful personal style I have ever seen! I love every outfit you have put together!! It is always a process. Tastes change and evolve over time. I really enjoy your style. BTW, we are dreaming of an airstream. Can't wait to hear about your adventures.

Megan V said...

Oh my goodness Chelsea Ann!
You have no idea how strange it was for me to read this post of yours. I felt as if I was reading an entry from my own diary. An entry I had just written today.
I'm not exaggerating. I just talked to my mom on the phone this morning about this EXACT subject. How I was always dyyying to get out of our small town in Northern Michigan. And I did get out! I moved to another state to the city and I work in the fashion industry now, for a huge company. It's hectic and stressful and intense. Life isn't simple. Life isn't cozy. And now? I LONG for simplicity!! I close my eyes and take myself away to a simple small town with a cute little house and a small job and my husband and my cat and neighbor friends down the block. And I wonder - how do I get that? How am I living a life so far off from what I truly want? Is what I truly want so unattainable? It seems that what I have NOW is more unattainable that what I really want! So what is stopping me from living that life? Why can't I walk down the streets of my tiny town in a sundress sipping soda thru a straw on a Thursday evening with my husband? Maybe I can. I just have to decide it is what I want and then do it...

glittirstar said...

Chelsea, to me you are a very unique person and have such a wonderful style how I long to have a wardrobe like you. I think at times we all want to show the world the full side of us but get scared or insecure at what people may think. I know I struggle with this everyday. I want to dress up, or act like me. But I live in a town where I know no one and I want more to meet people to call friend. I get scared that people will judge me by these things and not give me a chance. I guess we have to be brave and true to our selves and the rest will just fall into place....

vintagelaundress said...

I so admire people who want to live authentic lives! Wonderful post! I'm so happy to have found your blog.

Rhonda Roo said...

Well I think really you speak for lots of people when you say things, because i know I feel just like that too-
except, i am from miami
and my cowboy is from where we are now and i wouldnt trade it for a million bucks, this dirt road off a dirt road off a paved road lifestyle. i can live with a little dust, well ok alot of dust, but i have learned to live with it. kinda.
CLOTHES, are so important even though they are just "material things" literally, because they are an outward expression of who you are, how you're feeling, what you are thinking life is right now today.
I love that skirt too, and that sweet pale pink number, yessss.....