A New Digi Kit, & A Fresh Coat of Paint

Happy Monday to you all!
After a long battle with a terribly pesky cold,
and adjusting to my new and exciting hormone injections
I'm excited for a fresh new week.
I spent most of my weekend in bed watching movies
but I did manage to wrap up my latest digi kit
A Sweet & Sinister Affair.
I believe I mentioned not so long ago
that this theme was rather out of my realm,
well I kept pushing through
and I'm quite thrilled with how it turned out.
A few of my personal favorite embellishments include
a converse shoe tag,
an Elvis like ghost emerging from a vintage victrola,
and a very charming bat balloon. 
Besides just a Day of the Dead weddings 
I imagine this kit could be used 
for many other evens and project themes.
For instance you could make some darling bridal shower
invites and decorations.
Or how about making a halloween banner?
Maybe you could even incorporate it into a gothic themed baby shower?!

Kit is available for immediate download at Kitschy Digitals!

Before I got hit with this dreadful cold I was painting like a crazy woman.
My hope was to finish the entire main story level of our home
before "becoming pregnant" but I've completely lost the enthusiasm
needed to pull off such an ambitious project all on my own. 
But I'm thrilled at-least to have finished the heart of our home
the living room and kitchen. 
You can see the living room before paint here
Sense then we've acquired new furniture
and I've given the hutch a new weathered wash of color.
You may also notice that I've tried to de-clutter the space a bit...
LOL however while noticeable to us 
you may not see much difference yourself. 
Our home in Portland was a shmorgishborg of colors,
from pastels to black! 
I'm trying to change my reckless painting ways
and really reflect of how each color will play
 into the overall look and feel of our home.
My sweet husband who has always been such a god sport
is especially pleased with my "adult" color choices
this time around. 

Well I'm quite exhausted, time to throw in another tape from 
A&E's Pride and Prejudice series I found at the thrift shop last week.
Please let me know if you have anything you wish to ask about my new kit
and/or about my little home.
I'm always so happy to hear from you all!


Chelsea Ann

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Kelsea Echo said...

I love your little cacti/succulents! Totally obsessed with them. =)