Yay or Nay for School Uniforms?

I'm certain that all across blogland us girls are 
gabbing of the approaching school year 
with probably an even amount of both excitement and dread.
As we currently stand today we have no kiddos excitedly fretting 
about going back to school (and in our case - a new school)
but all that could change in a blink of an eye.
I think just last year I enrolled 5 children in school.
I don't know it's all getting a bit fuzzy for me anymore.
All I do know is when I do have school aged children
I wish I could just set up my own personal office right their in the school's lobby,
because with endless out of school appointments, 
and all the time I spend with the teachers and faculty trying to catch my children up,
and/or get them the appropriate services,
I really truly feel like I'm on the staff.
One thing I've taken from my time working with foster kiddos 
is that our schools absolutely fail these children.
I'm not saying that individual teachers don't do their job,
its the bureaucratic bull*** that enables these children 
from receive the recourses they desperately need. 
If anywhere in their paper work the words
"environmental" appear than children automatically become disqualified for 
special education services... I could go on and on and on
but this post really isn't about all that.... 
but I do think it's an important topic in general.
With classrooms that are fuller than full to the brim
it hurts your children to share a classroom with
kiddos who are disruptive and absorb so much of the teachers attention.
The majority of my kids should not be in the general classroom,
and it absolutely breaks my heart that they are forced to sit there day after day
trying to control their behavioral issues 
and understand even a fraction of what's going on in the classroom. 
Anywho I digress, I think we all know that our school system doesn't work,
so let's talk about the things we DO love about school.

When I was a kid I LOVED back to school shopping,
and I wore a school uniform so I can't even begin imagine how fun it really could have been.
But no matter it was still exciting to go shopping with mom
(which was a rare treat for me)
and without fail I always believed my new clothes would somehow reinvent me. 
Needless to say that was never the outcome, 
but we do live in a society where clothes make the person.
So what do you think of school uniforms,
personally I'm all for them - but our public schools don't require them.
As a foster parent who see's the harsh realities of life for some kiddos
I think it's a brilliant way to discourage bullying, or even favoritism.
But don't get me wrong, as a creative person I see the flip side -
I certainly don't like being forced into any molds myself...
So please do tell, what are your feelings or experiences with uniforms?

Last year I started getting custom requests to make Yo Yo accessories
to coordinate with school uniforms. 
I just adore how they turned out, and sense then my fabric stash has grown immensely
so I can't hardly wait for the opportunity to create more one-of-a-kind creations this year.
 I've also acquired tuns of sport themed embellishments perfect for all you school sports enthusiasts. 
The beautiful little school girl in these darling images is modeling my new
  french clip style of Yo Yo pretties. 
See more examples and product details by visiting the custom section of my shop. 
I'd also like to THANK my little model and her family 
for the lovely images courtesy of Tom Chase Photography

Examples of some custom school themed headband creations I made last year

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