Leap: Week 3 of Art Journaling with Jenny and Aaron

I had to laugh to myself because one of the steps in 
(don't worry if you haven't been participating 
- we've just reached the 3rd week
and you can easily "leap" right in!)
is to "Consider your work"
well this week I worked on the same layout ALL week
and my approach was simple - release my inner demons on the poor pages!
I think there was a period when my layout may have been considered "pretty"
but by about the third day I was not feeling as if I had any pretty to give back to the world.
As you can well imagine "hormones" got the best of me this week.
Mostly my little moments were on the humorous side
in fact I cried buckets of tears day to day 
while laughing historically at myself and the situation 
at the exact same time.
A sight to see I dare say!


NykkeyB said...

I love the dark turn your pages took. It's like your innocent pages went for a walk and ended up in the seedy underbelly part of town.

Things don't always have to be "pretty" sometimes seeing the darker emotions is more interesting. great work! see you next week.

Kelsea Echo said...

This is great! I agree with Nykkey - I like seeing art with a bit of darkness too. To me, art has always been about painting what you feel. Emotion and mood are such a strong influence on art. So why fight it when you can make something equally beautiful in its own right?

I think this piece is actually quite pretty, and I love the color scheme. It's just not cheery and sunny. But it is about a leap of faith, so there's hope too.

Now that I've overanalyzed your art, I just want to say I'm excited to see your page again this week! Hope you continue to art journal! =) And good luck with the baby process!!!

Ann Marie said...

I think your pages are great Chelsea! I, too, agree that our pages don't have to be traditionally 'pretty'...art journaling is where we can freely express ALL our feelings. That said, I love your colors and the flow you created! Looking forward to seeing more of your pages :)

Jenny Holiday said...

That's one of our favorite aspects of Art Journaling...the freedom you have to let a piece evolve. The book is always there to close and open back up whenever you please...whenever the mood may strike. And what you end up with is always RIGHT...because it came straight from the heart.
And besides the energy and message and mood...there are so many technical details that me and Aaron were both admiring in this spread. Your placement of color is perfect. It pops exactly where it should pop. And the textures and layers are so so great. Thanks for sharing! See you this week.
xo, Jenny & Aaron