A Sneak Peak of this Months Digi Kits

This month is busy busy busy!
I'm trying to tackle the very very big job of painting the mail level interior of our home
before "hopefully" becoming pregnant this September. 
I don't especially like painting, but it helps to have a deadline,
and with all the hormones that are going to be pulsating through my body
 throughout the next month
I think BUSY is exactly what I need.
I'm terrified of what all the medication for IVF is going to do to me,
I struggle so much as is to keep my hormones in check
and not drive myself and my poor family in crazy.

I've also got a lot on my plate this month in the digi kit department.
This month I hope to re-release my Circus kit
which started it all for me many years ago.
I want to redesign the entire kit, with new backgrounds,
and texture free graphics.
But I still think I need to make the original available as-well,
but I'm struggling with how that all should work.
Oh decisions decisions.... hmmmmm
well anywho, I'll figure that out in time,
but in the mean while I'm also stretching WAY out of my comfort zone
once again with a Digi Kit I'm fondly calling
A Sweet and Sinister Affair.
Think Day of The Dead meets Kawaii Sweetness.
Here's a little sneak peak

In truth skulls and such are not my thing,
in fact I'm not even sure what ever inspired me to start this crazy kit
but I always think it best to finish what you start so I'm
working past some creative blocks, and piecing this one together day by day.

How about you, what's keeping you busy these days?


Pink Tree Studio said...

I'm not a skull fan either, Chels, but a lot of people are. I'm sure this will be a very popular kit! Very cute concept and title, my talented friend :~)

Finishing what ones starts is very good advice. I have so many unfinished projects...sigh...not to mention all the unused supplies for almost any art or craft project you can imagine :~/

agravette said...

your sweet circus kit is the first one i ever bought from you! i hope you do re-release it, because i lost some files and would love to buy it again! hugs to you!

Rita Mira said...

Hi Chelsea!
I developing a Vintage Circus Party for a client in Portugal and I'm TRULY interested in your Circus Digital Set.
When do you think you will have it for sale? I will need to have the invitations ready and produced 1st week of September.
And what is the cost of this Digital Set?

I hope you can answer me back as quick as you can so I can see if I can wait for your Kit release.