So Much To Share...

Jury duty is finally over. I did my civic duty of sitting in a squishy room for two days. I was a little bummed not to get on a case, but I had plenty to keep me occupied. I was busy drawing candy inspired houses and reading the new Artful Blog magazine! I can't tell you how beautiful and inspiring this magazine is... it was so amazing to learn more about some of my very favorite bloggers. I read there blogs everyday but it seemed even more personal somehow, reading about their personal challenges and rewards of blogging. Everyone in the room must have thought I was crazy from all my little giggles and sighs. It truly is amazing how much we all have in common!

Congratulation to everyone who was featured this fall! 
- it was a pleasure getting to know you a little better!

In other news-

My sweet Erbie the robot is about to be torn down for the recycling bin. He is simply to large to stay with us any longer. If you don't know who Erbie is just check out this post. 
I'm so sad to see him go... 

This last Sunday at the flea market I found a great collection of Fisher Price Toys. They all have a little something missing, but that didn't scare me off. In fact I was so happy because it was the first time I could afford them. I found the phone and large turtle as well as Snoopy! I have been looking for Snoopy for a couple of years now! I am so thrilled! I got home and pushed him along the floor. We will have to get them all new strings. 

There is no better feeling than pulling along a chattering old Fisher Price toy!

Also I have a few people to Thank

I was awarded the Brilliante Award by Christy, Bethany and Jojo-Caramel!

"Chelsea's blog is all about sunshine and happy bursts of colour, fun and everyday flavours. And oh, aren't her vintage collectibles and vignettes so cute?"
~Christy at Sweet Tidings

"Young, beautiful and very creative... she's going places!"
~Bethany at Red Yarn
What sweet sweet things to say! Thanks! 

Also Barbara from Market with a B has tagged me...

So... 6 more random things about me:
1. I took over 6 years of singing lessons
2. I was born cross-eyed
3. I love watching Martha Stewart
4. I eat way to may cookies
5. I get overly anxious - over the silliest things
6. I can't stand to be bare-footed

Okay... I guess you want to know about the secret surprise?

I will be opening the virtual doors to my Etsy shop
August 15th!

There are going to be more special surprises next week... 
so make sure you stop by and say hello!

P.S. Barbara from Mark it with a B opened up her Etsy store today! Congratulations Barbara- And Good Luck. Your blankets look oh so cozy!


Barbara Brown said...

congratulations are in order, that is so exciting. i just opened my store today. well, i opened it a while back but had some trouble uploading pictures. but all is well as of today. check out my blog for a surprise. what an awsome robot, yes indeed very sad to see him go.

Gina said...

You did find some wonderful things at the flea market!!1 I love those toys. I had the doggy and telephone plus both the house and farm when I was a little kid. To bad mom didn't keep them. :(

Congrats on your new etsy shop. I'm excited to see what you fill your shelves with.

Anonymous said...

You found some beautiful Fisher Price toys !
I wish a big success to your Etsy shop !

Have a lovely weekend :)))

Bethany Hissong said...

Oh CONGRATULATIONS!!! I can't wait to see your store! I know you've been working hard on this ;)
You should sell your giant robot!!! Someone would just love that, I'm sure!
I totally agree with you about Artful Blogger! That's how I found Vintage Magpie (and my subsequent purchase of her adorable bunny!!!). I wish you much success on your etsy shop. I will mention it on my blog when you open :))

Erin K said...

OH MY HECK you found the GREATEST stuff at your store! I'm totally drooling!