Rosette Keepsake Pins

Have you ever lost an entire day working and or playing on the computer. 
 Between twitter, flickr, e-mails, job applications, downloading, photo editing, and catching up with some blogs... I have been sitting at this silly computer all day long!
I have gotten quite a bit done, 
except make much of any leeway on finding a job!
must not think of that too much or I will have another
 mental breakdown and honestly no one wants to see that! 

I actually have a lot I want to share with you today! 
First is that I will have NEW items in my Lollishop very very soon.

Yupp- I made Rosette Keepsake pins. 
Perfect for all those seriously silly occasions!

So I did a little photo-shoot to properly display them.
There are many many more pictures on my flickr if you want to check them out.
I really need to get a tripod. I took all these photos myself by reaching my arm out in different directions and snap, snap, snapping away. Honestly, I think I easily took 600 shots!
I really might be the biggest dork ever!

Last weekend I had all my Keepsake Cake items at the Art Institute of Portland. 
I wish I could say it was a success but really it was quite the opposite! 
But I had some friends and family come and see what I have been working on and they all said they loved what I was doing!

Moi and my new friend Alissa at the Craft Show

So I have been really blessed in Blog world as of late. 
I am making new friends left and right and 
I have flickr, twitter and Lollishops to thank for that!

One new friend is Sweetina 
who awarded me with the Kreativ Blogger Award!
She said some incredible sweet things about me- really shocked me honestly! 
Thank You again Sweetina!


Today I found out that Sadie Lou Who
gave me an honorary mention and award for my gingerbread house!
Isn't that just the sweetest treat! Truly I am a lucky girl!

Also Effunia tagged me ... 
but I am always doing these and am honestly running out of things to say
but I thought of a couple ...

1. I sold my first Keepsake Cake awhile back to a lovely girl in Gremany.
But the first one got destroyed and the second one is lost. 
So I think I have a bad shipping bug at the moment. 
I really don't want to be scared of international shipping
 so if any one you have advise I would really appreciate it!
(update: I just found out it finally arrived!)

2. I want a 1954 Chevrolet
Yupp its parked just a couple blocks down the road and it is possible I could trade my VW Bug straight across! How cute would I be!

3. I'm currently trying to teach myself how to play the piano. My mother just bought herself a beautiful baby grand and so I thought I should learn. It actually really fun, although I'm not good at it at all. My mom seems to have just picked it up! But if I could just learn to play a few Christmas melodies I would be pretty pleased with myself.

Hope you are all having a lovely week!


Chelsea Ling said...

I know what you mean about losing whole days on the computer... I do it alllll the time.

I LLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOVE that pink bead necklace you're wearing in the baby picture - love love love!! so jealous

Anonymous said...

Wouah wouah wouah, I like your rosette Keepsake pins ! What a beautiful idea ! Lovely photo-shoot ! I hope you are having a lovely day :) xoxo

Kristen said...

I Love your pins~ they're sooooo cute! AND your pictures are Beautiful :)

valerie said...

your photo shoot turned out really cute! those pins really make an outfit fun! you have adorable ideas.

don't worry about the shipping. it was my fault. i felt like it took me too long to mail it out, so i wanted to pay a little more to make sure it got to you soon. thanks for offering though... can't wait to see what else you'll be making!

Eva said...

thanks for playing :) i loved learning more about you- happy holidays!