Lollilove- Friday Mosaic

“Taste is nothing but an enlarged capacity 
for receiving pleasure from works of imagination.”
-William Hazlitt

Just a little LVE
For my fellow 


Chelsea Ling said...

I love your mosaics! How is lollishops going? Sadie lou has asked me to join a few times... do you think I should? Im wary of selling in two places and getting overwhelmed.

Pieceful Bits said...

thanks so much for including me...such lovely lollies

Christy said...

cute little things!

creative breathing said...

Dear Chelsea, I am so excited about my drawing! I will be stalking the mailman. I have always wanted to write a book about my Sled Story with the tale of every child having a moment to shine. I could absolutely see this with animals. A manatee would be me on the bottom of the sled, flamingos would be the tall skinny and flat sisters, a peacock would be the only child, and something else Floridaish would be the small sister. The only problem would be how would they be in snow!!!! I can just see them in snow gear - how funny. I love when you tell me about your childhood. I hear the pain that I carried for so many years. Now I can look back and recall my memories with happiness. This will happen to you as well, I promise. Also, when you have your own children, you will heal the child within yourself. I know I did! Love, love your cupcake pins! Have a great weekend! E

*Evelyn* said...

Thanks for the featured !!
HAPPY 2009