My Home This Holiday Season

Yesterday morning I woke up to the best surprise ever. In many ways it was like Christmas.
I finally got my parents handy down sofa, chair, and two ottomans! I wanted this set so badly that I painted my living room and dining room colors to match the set in hopes that they would one day be mine. The set works beautifully in our little house, giving us lots of extra comfy places to sit and finally a put together look. We will have to have everything covered most of the time because of the dogs but it is so worth it. I am also trying to teach the dogs not to sit on the chair. Wish me luck with that!

We picked up our tree today. The tree place we went to is run by volunteers, and all the proceeds go to youth programs in our area. So even if the needles fall off early we can feel good about having a real tree for Christmas. 
I was hoping that I could go buy Christmas ornaments the day after christmas this year
 but I haven't really seen any I'm crazy about.
 I personally think Target has been a bit of a let down this year.
In the mean time I bought a box of old glass ornaments at the flea market for $1, four packages of ice cream cone shaped bubble containers at the dollar store, and some crate paper and whaa-laa I have a 7' decorated tree for just around 7 dollars. What a bargain!

I love decorating my home for the holidays. It's the perfect excuse to go over the top!
I hope you are all having as much fun decorating you own homes. 
I look forward to seeing how you decorate and celebrate the holidays! 


Anonymous said...
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Christy said...

Your holiday home is so cozy and festive!I love all your santa whimsies!

Pnk Geeni said...

you're house so warm and cozy

creative breathing said...

You are so lucky your parents had furniture you wanted! As each of our children move out and take furniture with them we say good ridence! We have never had the income to have nice furniture. Your home is such a charming reflection of yourself! Thanks for sharing! E

Anonymous said...

Ho Ho Ho Lucky you ! lovely furniture and beautiful living room ! Wonderful Christmas tree and decorations ! Very cosy and comfortable ! Have a nice day Chelsea Ann :)

Bethany Hissong said...

Your home looks so warm and cozy and pretty! Lucky you! And you're right about ornaments. I'm trying to make my own this year! I love a real tree... that's neat that it could benefit others at the same time!

Sweetina said...

Your home looks gorgeous~i lurve the lighting and ambiance.
Chelsea Ann~you have a marvelous blog! I'm awarding you the
Kreative Blogger Award~and wrote a little about you and your art,vintage and blog. come see at sweetina and grab your award!

valerie said...

cozy was the first word that came to mind... then i ready everybody else's comments. i suppose cozy is the best adjective... and very pretty too!

please forgive me, about shipping the pointy hat. it's going out tomorrow. finals were this week and well, i guess i could rattle off a hundred more excuses. i'm taking the day off from work tomorrow to catch up on other work! your hat will be on your doorstep soon!

Eva said...

Hey Chelsea- if you have time to play, I tagged you on my blog...

Monica said...

Your so welcome for the vote ! I adored your house :)
My sister just said the same thing to me about Target and the lack of good stuff they seem to be missing this year. She thinks maybe its the economy...I wouldnt know , my hubby is in the Air Force and we live on the island of Okinawa japan currently. Oh how I would love to just step foot in a TARGET!
Beautiful holiday home you have !!

StickyKitten said...

I love your house! It really looks like a home. The tree is so pretty!

Thank you so much for your kind comments and your wishes. I really appreciate it!

I absolutely LOVE your gingerbread houses!!!! They are amazing! Keep up the creative spirit! You are an inspiration!

Corey Moortgat said...

Thanks for your Flickr notes, Chelsea! I got the Hello Kitty CD player at Goodwill for $3!

I love your Christmas decor-especially this setting with the Little Golden Book!