The Heart of Blogging

(The first picture I posted on my blog)

Who is ittybittybirdy?
I've never been very good at pinning myself down
Living in my own skin you would think I would know myself so well
but each day I seem to grow, change, and evolve
into something that is closer and more relevant to this image I have tucked deep inside me

I wanted to create a new introduction for my blog...but words are such a tricky thing...
I am never quite satisfied with them.... but here it is

"In real life I'm just plain Chelsea, but in the wonderful world of blogland I am most fondly Chelsea Ann. Some of you might also know me as ittybittybirdy.
I think of myself as a silly little bird eternally lost in the clouds of my imagination, looking for sunlight in this sometimes dark and gloomy world. My artwork and hand made crafts are a reflection of my inner child.
Through the ramblings of my blog I strive to remind myself
and others not to take life to seriously.
I live in Portland Oregon with my handsome husband
and two faithful yet messy puppy dogs."

I think between my banner and my little bird and the rain cloud logo
I have really captured the two sides of me
Through my blogging I always hope to share two things
1. that I am real
(No matter what kind of life style my pictures might portray
I'm not perfect. I deal with anxiety, depression, hormones, insecurities, my house is never clean, I'm terrible with money, oh the list could go on and on)
2. that life is what you make it
(Despite the list above I try everyday to improve myself, and to live by my own silly girly creed)

You know, when I think
I'm talking to you
it's hard to explain but it's like I'm always writing blog posts
except like now, when I sit down to write nothing comes out
terribly annoying

I guess the point of my first shpeel is to introduce myself
So many of you are new readers
and I feel I just don't get the opportunity to get know each and everyone of you
like I would like to.

My favorite part of blogging are the friendships formed
I am so blessed to be part of such a warm and kind community of beautiful women
who encourage me to be just who I am if not more
My goodness I just can't seem to get this sappy bug out of my system today
It started with a gift, an e-mail, and a call

The call :
5th day in a row of my job saying they didn't need me
a terrible and strange feeling to not know where life is heading
do you have your silly job or not, what next?

The gift:
A Treasure sent all the way from Australia
so perfectly me, so beautifully crafted, so special and kind

a special swap from Jessy
a beautiful bag inspired by my blog,
a necklace of itty bitty yoyos (not shown)
scrumdidlyumptious lipgloss
and the cutest compact mirror you ever did see
and most special, a note written from the heart just for me!

The E-mail:
After my call, I received a very special e-mail
from a very dear friend who needed a reason to smile this morning
and the thing she chose was ME!
It is moments like this that make me really love blogging
to know that your silly moments shared bring joy to others
It's not about 15 minutes of fame, shop sales, or any other silly thing
It's about friendship and real HEART!
I LOVE YOU Danielle!!!!!

As if this poor post hasn't gone from one end to the next
I wanted to share a few new pages for my scrapbook
I've really been missing my little sis who is off at college
she is so very special to me and I am so proud of her
she is following her heart!!!!
She has always known what she wanted and has not let others steer her away!
We are so very different her and I
but we are closer for it I like to think

Oh- goodness me!
One more thing... I want to give a BIG shout out to Craft Pudding
for helping my little boy birdy turn into a girl
and for making two beautiful stamps for my business cards
(Find both in images above)

Well I hope this post didn't drive you too crazy.
I have been sitting her typing away for way over an hour
so whatever I have written will be as it is.
Some days are just like that...

Chelsea Ann


Rose said...

Another lovely post Chelsea Ann.
I love your new introduction and your new little girl birdy. I think many people have two sides, although we may only show the more happy side.
That is terrible that your work keeps cancelling your shifts! I get frustrated when my work does this just once. Hope things look up soon with your job.
I see Jess has made another wonderful bag, so adorable! I love the one she made me for my birthday too :)
Im loveing your newly found scrapbooking craze :)


Joelle Dolce Bebe said...

Chelsea Ann,
I Love you sweet girl! You are beyond genuine sweetness & kindness. You are such a refreshing delight. Honestly... A breath of Fresh air. A much needed dose of kindness & simplicity at its best! I Thank You for being YOU 'AND' all your "not so happy & fun" bits that come with your pretty little package. It makes us LOVE you even more. I knew I liked you for certain reasons, & knowing you have things that bother you too... makes me feel even better. Just knowing someone else in our little blog land puts on a happy little smile just to TRY to make it better for others but a bit of hurt & ?????(can't think of the word right now...) anways, the hurt is there but we make it though it all. knowing we're really not alone. There is good people out there. We just need to open our doors.Thank YOU for opening yours to all of us.
You brought back some Pure goodness that has been missing for some time. I appreciate it & I Know I am not alone. Some just sit quietly and read & enjoy.& that is ok too. : )
I WISH you all the best my sweet friend, & I still need to do that post on you I was going to do.
LIFE just got in the way. soon though, my blog needs a touch of Chelsea Ann Sunshine!
Kisses & sweet Dreams to you,
Joelle XOXO

creative breathing said...

Chelsea Ann, I love when you ramble. Your artistry at writing really comes through. Your writing is your personality! Complex! Happy, sad, whimsical, contemplative, bubbly, but always, always true to yourself. That is why there are so many of us that love to visit your little crow on her cloud with little tear drops falling into our own world. Elizabeth

Lori said...

you know when my evil twin depression bug creeps into me and I get online, guess where I now go first???Directly to you! You make me forget, make me feel care free, you make me pull my inner little girl out and allow her to play! Either iron a doll dress, comb ones hair or just re-arrange my frou frou bedroom! I am so sorry the evil twin bug gets you too. My has been forever it seems in my life. Seriously I can remember being depressed as young as second grade. I work so hard now in my current situations to fight it with all my might. But as you know some days you just have to let it rear its ugly head and then wait for it to pass. It does help to acknowledge it and just wait it out, seems to diminish faster! Sending a great big hug to such a wonderful girl, Lori

Rhonda Roo said...

Well, i just have to agree with everything everyone else has said. You are a lovely honest beautiful soul and it comes out in your style and your writing.
I've said it before: your blog just makes me happy. period. If i am having a tough day at work, do you know I will furtively sneak a break and click on ittybittybirdy?
Your pictures are the very definition of eye candy. Really.
So, i guess what i am trying to say is, I wish only good things for you. :)
PS Oh! I was having technical difficulty when i tried to comment on the blog post below but I think you have EXCELLENT taste in books, and you are kind to the books at the library, keeping them happy by being checked out, and you do articulate very well, so please don't be intimidated by books you are most definitely a friend to them!
(eeps! sorry i spammed you!)
xoxoxoxo Rhonda Roo

Anonymous said...

Chelsea Ann~You are so wonderfully sweet and 100 percent genuine and real. I love to come here and see all your beautiful things, but most of all I love to read your sweet thoughts on things and what is going on in your life. I find myself drawn to blogs like yours where people are real and share all parts of themselves, insecurities and all. Because we ALL have them, and it's nice to know we aren't alone. Thanks for being your sweet self and sharing all that you do. You are a beautiful and talented person inside and out!