Weekend Adventures in the Good Ol' State of Idaho

August is here... Seems summer is passing by so quickly
As if I fell straight down a rabbits hole
I have been away from home ever weekend it seems
Just as soon as I get settled back into the groove of being home
and finally get a handle on the laundry
we pack up for another adventure

I've taken you to Idaho many of times in my photographs
from down south to the pan handle
This trip was up North to visit Jimbob's mum and grandparents

I love Idaho!
I love the country and the people and the smells
& especially the seasons

This is the place were I met my handsome Jimbob
Just a month into my first semester of school
He had a crush on me in a class of over 300 people
I was the girl wearing red lipstick and gentleman hats

I was so lost during this period in my youth
perhaps in many ways I still am
but I now enjoy the feeling of the unknown
There are things I want, Places I would like to be
but I am more at peace now knowing that life
brings about wonderfully unexpected adventures
if we are not too busy trying to create ones of our own

Well back to the trip...
The best part of visiting Jim's family
is the shopping!
Ok, so really that's not completely true...
Visiting with his family is the real treat
but the shopping is splendid good fun
Growing up, my mother had no desire to shop for silly things
and especially through another mans junk
I always had this little bird on my should chirping at me
to shop shop shop
especially second hand!!!
So when I met my mother in law
i fell in love
how could I not
she makes cookies, cakes, and pies every-time we visit
just as soon as I finish one meal she asks what I would like for the next
she is a creative genius
and she LOVES to thrift shop!

We had a grand ol' time
I brought a bag full of new toys home with me
but unfortunately you can't have everything you fall in love with
but sometimes a picture mends your heart

Well I really must go
The trailer has yet to be unpacked
and the laundry is flooding into the kitchen

~Chelsea Ann


Alissa said...

Love all your photos! Gorgeous. And is that a new dress I spy?

Sadie Lou said...

Miss you! You look like a little Doll.

apparentlyjessy said...

Chelsea Ann, is that a new hair colour you are sporting in the first few pics? Looks great! And I LOVE the yellow dress, it will match perfectly with a certain bag that is surely more than halfway on its way to you now!
Love all the charming creatures you found while thrifting, especially the bunny!

creative breathing said...

Chelsea Ann, That couldn't be your hair unless it has grown a tremendous amount from your last post - do tell! Alice? Such a fun post, such a fun time, such fun treasures! All around fun for us! Elizabeth

Rose said...

It looks like you have gone blonde Chelsea Ann?
Lovely photos, the second photo, you look like alice in wonderland. I adore your gorgeous yellow dress!
Those toys you spotted are very sweet.


Retro Plants said...

very pretty indeed!
love the toys
love the dress
LOVE the airstream!
just dreamy
how fun to have an awesome MIL. . . what adventures you can have!

visiting old haunts is always a fav past time of mine and i miss the West Coast SO desperately! you are making me want to visit. . . maybe soon :) i need to see me some mountains! :)
love from me. . . all the pics are gorgeous!
p.s. i WANT that owl in the picture!

cindy said...

LOVE your trailer! and i love that owl you found...very cute!

Rhonda Roo said...

Your place here, and your pics, amd your posts always make me happy. Girly, genuinely, innocently, childishly, perfectly happy.

And i always end up scooting around here look for more to read.

Have a happy day and enjoy your new treasures! (And um, well, er, and your laundry too).


Kathleen said...

Lovely pictures and the yellow dress as well.

KnockKnocking said...

Wow, that yellow dress looks fabulous, and that thrift store shoppin' pie makin' mama of yours even more splendid. I am glad it was a good trip!