Pink Thumb

My little head is just stuffed full with all kinds of things I want to share
Creativity is fluttering from my heart right down to my fingertips
this is wonderful... but it does account for my lack of time for you
So many blog posts unvisited and e-mails waiting for applies
but I know you gals wont hold it against me
for every burst of artistic energy
there seems to follow with a drought
mine seem to come with the rain
and with living in the very green state of Oregon
it rains a lot!
So while the sun still hangs in the sky
I'm going to indulge

I'm a home body myself
I don't visit even my backyard that often
although that could be because it's really really gross and unloved
I hate working in the yard!
It's a terrible shame because greenery and flowers are so therapeutic an charming
but my thumb is pink not green
although I will say I don't mind pushing a lawn mower

A friend gave me this idea to cover a Styrofoam ball with ice-cream cone
I'm not honestly sure if ice-cream cones are even good for little birdies
I know I like them!
After 2 boxes however I ran out
so I opened my cupboard to see what I might use
and was quite tickled to find a bag of peanuts from Christmas
so I turned my star into a sunflower
and I think that was just a very happy accident indeed

I also thought I would share a picture from an article from Oregon Live
I've been lucky enough to visit this beautiful space a time or two
it's the product of pure genius and a lot of sweat
it's the backyard of my very dear friend Rolfe and his husband Stephen
I hope to one day take you on a tour of their home
it's breathtaking - I'd call it dirty grungy chic. It's wonderful!!!!!!

And last but not least one more page for my Wedding Scrapbook
the floral images were my inspiration torn from magazines
I'm so pleased that I kept them after all this time

Have a lovely weekend ladies!
& go... enjoy the outdoors

Love~ Chelsea Ann


Heather - - said...

The ice cream cone/peanut sunflower is so cute! Happy accidents are a wonderful part of creating!

apparentlyjessy said...

I love your happy accident sunflower bird feeder!! I need to get out in our yard more often too, trouble is its huge and overwhelming! But I do like to spend time out there with my chickens :)

I really think that taking advantage of your creative impulses are far more important than turning your computer on!! So don't feel guilty for it, the blogs and emails will all still be there when you get back!

Thank you so much for posting the photo of the tote bag in the previous post, it looks so at home already with your sunglasses and knick-knacks!

Hollyrocks said...

I love the idea of an ice cream cone birdfeeder! And your wedding scrapbook page looks gorgeous.

koralee said...

Love your images pretty in pink! But the sunflower gets an birds! Happy weekend to you!

Corey Moortgat said...

Hi Chelsea Ann! Thanks so much for your sweet comments recently... I bet you will have an adorable nursery-I've seen your vintage toy collection- LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! I've got a few old toys, but nowhere near what you've got!

Rebecca said...

Absolutely adorable posts. I have really been enjoying your blog. I love the wedding flower pictures. Your pink thumb pictures put a smile on my face. Thanks!