Bra Shopping... and bunnies

Ugg bra shopping always makes me grumpy.
I always put it off until the point 
that I'm wearing a bumpy black bra under everything I own. 
This time I decided on the cheaper route and shopped at Target.
Victoria Secrets never has anything in my size
well if I'm lucky I can choose from white, black or beige in one or two styles
Not having too much need for a bra 
is probably where this whole hatred for them began
As for VC - I ordered a pretty dress slip 
from their catalog a while back that my hubby liked
I cried when I put it on!
Nothing like looking like a rag doll 
or a little girl trying on mommas slip to make a girl feel "pretty"
Well I'm sure we all have body issues
and I know I am very blessed to have the figure I do
but ladies I just have to know 
am I the only one who would rather strangle themselves
 with an old bra strap than spending the day trying new ones on?

By the way the pretty bra up top is from Clare Bare.
Wouldn't work under many t-shirts but it sure is BEAutiful!

So any-who at Target today they have their 
new Easter advertisements hanging from the ceiling
and I am in LOVE!

I tried researching them on-line so I could show you all
but Target has let me down on this one! :(
After 20 minutes of searching these are the only two images I found

The images in the store are so whimsical. As soon as I saw them I thought of my favorite childhood movie Here Comes Peter Cottontail. Here is a video I found.
If anyone finds out more about Targets Ad campaign please let me know. 
It really inspired me and I would love to know more about the artist :)

Hope you are all having a great weekend
Jim and I also purchased some flowers for our yard today
I just about choked on the price for 7 perennials and a bag of fancy dirt
I'm not much for yard work as it it 
Luckily for me it was raining by the time we got home
but I guess that just means those silly flowers are going to be hanging over my head
but I better get back to cleaning my studio. 

Chelsea Ann

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apparentlyjessy said...

I too would rather strangle myself with an old bra strap than spend time trying new ones on! I also get mine from Target! I haven't been in Target recently, but I am going to pay a visit to see if Australian Targets are running the same ad campaign!